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Hello and welcome,

First one must be crazy to be caught dead looking at my profile, I'm really lame. So here's a little about me, I'm in high school, and i live in America. I hope you can tell my name is Ben and I prefer reading the many wonderful stories and only review to the ones that I think are over the top amazing. I hold three codes that I base my life off of, 1- Always be a friend to anyone who needs one, 2- Always be or act happy and wear a smile, and finally 3- Live for others not yourself. When i make people happy and cheer them up I feel important and it gives me purpose. I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 5 and I'm very shy and am a huge procrastinator. I always feel a need to review if something bad happened to a writer, and don't get why they apologize for taking long to post. Creativity takes time you know? I have brother on here that's writes, i won't give his U.N. because that's his choice. I Might write stories but for now I'm just a reader if you know any really good stories about my favorite couples (below) or couple you think i would like please let me know. I'm Running out of reading material *GASP*!!! For any people who have flamed i just want to ask why? People don't need that just stop reading if you don't like it simple as that. I would personally like to thank Jordan Wilson for reading this over for me, and kyoshira7 for writing a great story and actually writing back to me, So THANKS! Anyway if you took the time to read this I thank you because sometimes i feel lonely :P. You may notice i have a lot of favorite stories and authors but that's because i read A Lot of stories. I hope i didn't bore you :)

I encourage, as always, people to review kindly and to read authors notes and bio's. People put work into those and it's always nice to get to know new people some people on here are close to my role models and i haven't even met them face-to-face. Everyone on here has been nice to me so the least i can do is send a kind review or message, and you can too. :

Favorite Couples-

Taiora (Taichi) (Sora) - Couple that first got me on FanFiction because i was soooooo mad that they didn't get together. I say Matt (Yamato) can go to hell! I like the stories that have Matt has a good friend that helps push their relationship forward but I'm also perfectly fine with him as a villain.

Percabeth (Percy) (Annabeth) - OK so PJO was the book that got me interested in reading in 4th grade (I used to hate reading). And While reading I was fully looking forward to Percy and Annabeth getting together. With the Heros of Olympus i love the relationship they have. (Why is Annabeth's name coming up wrong I hope i didn't misspell it)

Perlia (Percy) (Thalia) - Ok so some people are probably like "how can like Percabeth AND Perlia Ben! That's weird." Truthfully I think it's because i had a small crush on Thalia while reading the book (Hey, I already told you i have a sad excuse for a life.) and i wanted to see her with someone and I don't exactly like Luke. Thus i started this...

ShepardXLiara (male Shep.) - Ok i hope some people know who this is. I don't get the fascination with female Shep. and Liara. I just like Liara's character and Paragon Shep.

AgumonxBiomon - Not much to say about this one I think I just got into it thanks to Taiora

Pertemis (Percy) (Artemis) - I started reading these when I was out of other fanfictions to read and found that while I don't like the majority of them I like maybe 1 out of 10 :)

More will probably be added as i continue to live life :)

Thought it was about time i updated this...

Bookbeth (Booker) (Elizabeth)- One author of this couple said, "while playing this game everybody shipped them, don't try and deny it." and i think for the most part he was right. It's hard to come by a player of Bioshock Infinite who didn't ship Booker and Elizabeth before the ending. Now that said i'm sure that there are people who don't ship them and that's fine, everybody has there own preferences.

Godwen (Godric) (Anwen)- A couple from a really great game called Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. I don't exactly know why but this couple enticed me ever since i started playing the game. Maybe it was the fact Godric is the noble knight and Anwen is the free hunter but i do love this couple and will in the future post a story about them because i already wrote it down in my notebook.

Tomoros (Tomoki) (Ikaros)- Heaven's Lost Property... what a weird, amazing, messed up, addictive show. I couldn't get into season two after the way it started but season one was absolutely incredible. I really love thinking about how Tomoki and her would've fit together and often find myself looking at the clouds when this happens but hey i'm weird like that.

Percy Jackson- Okay i'm not sure if it's because i kind of want to be like Percy or if it's because i think Percy is amazing but i pretty much ship him with everyone from the books, (that's a girl... i'm not homophobic or anything it's just not my cup of tea, but i hold nothing against people who are gay or lesbian. Everyone deserves happiness, and what makes them any different from us?) if you find this shocking you might want to look back at who else i ship.

Pokemon- Yes, i hate to think about how many of my friends would make fun of me for this but i really like Pokemon fics... My main ones are Advanceshipping (AshXMay) and Altoshipping (AshXLatias) don't ask why because i don't know. :)

Tsuka (Tsukune) (Inner Moka)- Rosario Vampire- I always supported this pairing while watching the show and reading the manga. They always seemed so cute to me and i found a story about them i really loved called "Rosario Vampire: The Great Escape" it had everything i was looking for but was never completed, that really saddened me, but i don't blame the author i just wish i could read it till the end.

Tsurumu (Tsukune) (Kurumu)- Tsuzore (Tsukune) (Mizore)- Rosario Vampire- I like these couples less then the one above and my brother finds it weird that i support more than one couple with the same guy, but I think that each couple has it's own cuteness and it's own complications, anyway yeah i support them.

Otonade (Otonashi) (Kanade)- Angel Beats!- A couple that literally brought me to tears by the final episode and almost nothing makes me cry so it was quite a shocker. God they were so adorable together Kanade and her little emotion and Otonashi always helping and supporting her... all i can say is I'm glad they got together.

Otonuri (Otonashi) (Yuri)- Angel Beats!- I supported them before getting absorbed into Kanade and Otonashi. So after the show ended i went searching for fanfics about this couple but unfortunately didn't find very much. i still think they would be good together as well. I also kind support Otonashi with Iwasawa but not enough to give it it's own bullet.

A lot of others I might add later

Favorite Songs-

Any song from the Save Rock and Roll by Fall Out Boy album...

Everytime We Touch by Cascada

Believer by American authors

Almost every song from The Digimon Movie Sound Track

(A Whole Lot Of Others! I wont bore you though, If you really want to know I have a Spotify account that u could fallow just ask me for it)

Favorite Games-

Mass Effect Trilogy (YAY,YAY,YAY) Let's hope the forth one is good as well.

Dragon Age Origins (I felt the second one faltered a little)

Blops (black ops 2 only with friends otherwise I'm not a fan)

Bioshock Trilogy (yes i liked the second one... and really really really liked the third one.)

The RWBY Album- especially I Burn.

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