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Name: What's in a name?

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I will primarily post Naruto related fics. Not sure why but it's the series I'm most comfortable doing this with. Oh, and I'm a huge NaruHina fan so I am probably not your author if you dislike that pairing. And I love harems so expect that.

I don't do NarutoXKushina pairings. At all. And I never intend too.

I loathe SasukeXHinata.

I find it incredibly stupid when an author writes a fic that involves a Harem based story (say Shuffle!) and decides not to do a harem. That's stupid. The canon version is a harem for a reason.

I really want to do a Naruto X DC (preferably with Batman, or young justice) crossover but I don't have any good timelines or story arcs I can decently remember enough to not make everything rather original. Sigh. Or should that be the point? Being incredibly original with the plot for my own needs...

The Elemental Casanova Ladies (More may be added if I find images that fit how I picture the ladies perfectly)


Kishiko Hoshigake (Kisame)

A Flash of Silver


Unnamed Project

Naruto's mask

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