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Hi! My name is Jamie as you can tell from my screen name (ha!) ;)

I am just a small town girl, 23 years old who loves Dragon Ball Z! I've been a fan since I was in grade school.

I am a lover of fanfiction...specifically B/V can't get enough of them! I have read tons of B/V and am always looking for more recommendations.

My favorite character in the series is Vegeta obviously. I feel like he has the best untold story there is when it comes to character development and how he is portrayed in the series. I hate all the time gaps, but I also love them because of all the fanfiction there is out there!

I love any type of art...I believe expression is one of the keys to letting the soul free.

I hope to one day be able to write fanfiction, I have many ideas that I've jotted down, but I've never been much of a writer. However, I did just get back into creating fanart...It's been a slow process but I am loving it and can't wait to share all of my drawings!

Hopefully, in the near future I'll let that creativity flow and be able to do something about the ideas in my head!

Feel free to message me, I love anything DBZ and wouldn't mind talking about it.

If you have any recommendations for me I'll gladly read them and give my honest opinion! Like I said before, I've read TONS of Vegeta fanfiction and even more B/V.

Avid user of the: We're Just Saiyan... community on google plus. Check it out! :)

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