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Magus Black PM
Joined Dec '03

Not much to say.
I'am forever cursed with the name Magus Black.
I like characters with exotic backgrounds/personalities.
I'am also tring to write some stories but the damn computer keeps brining up crap, but still I'am getting somewhere.

It has been called to my attention that a little more of me should be explained.
Age: 19
Gender: MALE
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Level: 20 GameMaster/ level 2 writer.

Also I enjoy stories that play by the characters true persona. I do dislike Yaoi (believed that's how it's spelled) and will not read them. Also I read mainly long stories (about 2000 to about...skies the limit...and even then ). But there are some exceptions. I look for Potential, and already helped a few gain confidence writing a story that I feel have great potential.

:NEW: If you are reading this you must read Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus's Carnage Necropolis...or I'll send my ghosts out to haunt you!

My favorite character with their places are:

Pokemon: Ash, Misty, Giovanni, Jesse, James, and all the ghost pokemon.
Kuwabara, Kurama, Boton, Chu, and Bui-Yu Yu Hakusho
Zelgadis and Xellos- The Slayers
Ash- Evil Dead
Rock Lee, Naruto-Naruto
Thunder God Cid- Final Fantasy Tactics
Vincent and Sephiroth- Final Fantasy VII
Kefka, Locke, Shadow- Fianl Fantasy III (or VI in Japan)
Yuber, Geddoe, Jacque,Hugo, Thomas- Suikoden III
Knuckles, Drake (OC), Kommissar (Lien-da), Julie-su, Dimitri, Lara-su-Sonic the Hedgehog
Roronoa Zolo, Chef Zeff, Patty, Hawk-Eye Mihawk- One Piece
Faust VIII, Silva, Wooden-sword Ryu- Shaman King

The most hated:
Hiei- Yu Yu Hakusho (anime version)
The WHOLE Zexan Nation- Suikoden III
Tiffa- Final Fantasy VII

I've hit some some bumps lately and cant seem to write due to things at home, sorry.

Well I am done sooo

(Pulls out a boomstick)
In the immortal words of Ash: "Make mine a double."

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