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name - bloodflow... or lena

age - pick a number between 1 and never gonna die.

in-progress stories (maybe never writing again) - softer than shadows.

completed stories - death is only the beginning (quite horrible; stiles is a real piece of shit).

favourite fanfics (on this site) - mercy me by kaljara (teen wolf), the robbed that smiles steals something from the thief by eclipse wing (psych), cauterize by lady altair (hp), ten ways to die by h.e. gray (naruto).

[also there are incredible fics on ao3 so if u ever go there u should check out 'in good company' by weialala (naruto) and 'it feels more like a memory' by saffron612 (hamilton). theyre both incredible !]

favourite song(s)/album (at the time) - anything by dean lmao

favourite band/artist (at the time) - dean

favourite book (at the time) - when we were animals by joshua gaylord or perfume by patrick suskind.

faves - aftg, naruto, pjo/hoo, stranger things, voltron etc.

hope you enjoy reading my stories, which are quite crappy, but still.

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