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Hey! I'm Vee-chan...well Vee-sama, but actually Vee-chan...I absolutely love reading fanfiction...and sometimes create fanfiction in my head...but I don't think I could ever actually put it down on paper or in this case on computer...he he he...but if you do find this profile please check out my fav stories, they are very good! I enjoy reading them, they are mostly Card Captor Sakura fanfics...and they are pretty much all S+S so if you like one you'll probably like the others aswell. You will also find some teen titans, Harry Potter and my new favorite "real people" show Supernatural!

My favorite things to do are read fanfiction, watch movies, spend time with my best friends and family, and watch TV

I love anime, and manga, and people know me to be a good artist at my school.

The books I read are Pendragon series and Harry Potter series...among many other books

My favorite TV shows are the Simpsons, Supernatural, Inuyasha, Survivor, Full Metal Alchemist, Reboot, Amazing Race and I watch a bunch of others aswell...too many to name...I also used to watch a bunch more anime but most of the ones I watched are not playing anymore or they're over...such as Cardcaptors, .Hack-sign, Witch Hunter Robin, Sailor Moon, Digimon (seasons 1-3), oh so many more...but I don't really feel like typing them all...I'm just THAT lazy...so it's a good thing I don't write fanfition...cause if I did I would probably be too lazy to update...

Well, if you actually took the time to read this, I congradulate you! it's pretty boring...and doesn't ave that much info in there either..plus many spleeling errors...another reasons why I don't write...well, be sure to check out my favorites, they're extremly good, and click on the authors of those stories cause they are exelent writters and I enjoyed mort of their stories! Thanks! Ja ne!

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