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I am someone who takes pride in the unique qualities of my stories. I admit my writing itself could use some work but my stories the plot I like to believe they are wholly original or at least as original as you would expect on a fanfic website. I don't like to claim I'm an amazing at writing like some authors, I know I am not the best around there are many far better than I am on this website and many more on others.

One of the reasons I find myself writing fanfic is ironically Dumbledore he is always portrayed as either an all knowing kind old man or greedy old fool that is incredibly easy to trick. he is rarely ever shown as a human being someone who tries his best but makes mistakes. he is also far too easily shown to be willing to sacrifice Harry for the greater good and while that is not a good thing people always forget to look at it this way he is an old man who has seen both world war 1 and 2 he knows you can't win a war without sacrifice and one child for the sake of thousands is completely worth it. also that other worlds/other tv show locations that exist in his world are always the better choice. i mean what the hell the mage's association a place that would dissect a child for their own curiosity not for the greater good but their own gain I mean this is a place that make the wizarding world government look like a fricking utopia! how is that better than the wizarding world at least they are just stupidly harmful not evil harmful.

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