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Hello! I'm Juli. Up until now I've only used my account to read stories, but now I am starting to write down ideas of my own that I've had for a while.

My main fandoms: Teen Titans, Percy Jackson, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Ouran High School Host Club

My ships: Robstar, Solangelo, BBRae, Percabeth, Kataang, Tamaharu, Kyotama, among others

I will mostly be writing RobStar fics, because Teen Titans ended way sooner than it should've, and there's a lot of room left to fill in details, unlike my other fandoms, which are pretty structured. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, I like it a lot, but it's less fun to write things when less liberties can be taken to assure that the fic fits with everything else in the story.

Also, most of my ideas are Robin centric because he's such a mysterious character. Basically for the same reason that most of my fanfics will end up being Robstar. I'm also fascinated with the idea of Mar'i Grayson. For any that aren't familiar with her, she is the child of Robin and Starfire who appears in the comics.

My next two most likely would be Solangelo and Ouran, not necessarily in that order. I think it would be really fun to watch Will and Nico's relationship progress, and it would be fun to put the host club through AUs and different scenarios.

Personal stuff:

Favorite color: cyan (basically a bright blue)

Favorite food: potatoes in any form/noodles with ranch dressing (healthy I know)

Music preference: pop rock

Hobbies: acting, singing, drawing, reading, writing, wasting my life on the computer

Websites: tumblr (aylathetitan), diviantArt (demigodsavatards-go)

Favorite Quotes: "So, it's impossible. Good. If memory serves, we've done the impossible before." -- Nightwing, How Long is Forever?

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