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Blood Splatters, [bloodsplatters.weebly. com] Complete.

Light Up The Sky, [lightuptheskyhungergames.blogspot. com] Complete.

Eternal Penance, [eternalpenance41sthungergames.blogspot. com] Complete.

A Hero's Welcome, [aheroswelcomehg.blogspot. com] Top Twelve!

The Victors: Champions [championshg.blogspot. com]


Evelyn Arellis, 15, District Eight. Lockdown. Placed 1st.
Rooke Arvelle, 16, District Nine. Apocalypse Now. Escaped.
Brennan Aldaine, 15, District Twelve. Born in Pain. Placed 1st.
Denali Felder, 16, District Eight. Break the Ice. Placed 3rd.
Freya Basnett, 42, District Two. Forged in Fire. Placed 4th.
Polo Elviers, 17, District Seven. The Salvaged Six. Placed 4th.
Zione Carlin, 18, District Eight. Doomed to Die. Placed 5th.
Kiona Brink, 18, District Two. Doomed to Die. Placed 6th.
Malek Trevelian, 18, District Seven. Beneficially Instructive Tribute Creator's Handbook. Placed 6th.
Adriel Maynard, 17, District Five. Devils and Dust. Placed 7th.
Tethys Acosta, 14, District Eight. Contrary. Placed 7th.
Frances Romilly, 18, District Three. Pushing Up Daisies. Placed 9th.
Cillian Garnier, 17, District Three. Lonely Hour. Placed 10th.
Roarke Lumally, 18, District Two. Forever Neverland. Placed 11th.
Jonah Danick, 18, District Four. Settle a Score. Placed 11th.
Celesto Peradas, 15, District Ten. Lex Talionis. Placed 11th.
Eleni Ingris, 17, District Twelve. For Evergreen. Placed 11th.
Kade Blaire, 16, District Twelve. Shot in the Dark. Placed 12th.
Cadria Arias, 17, Sector A. All Eyes. Placed 13th.
Etora Nanovi, 12, District Two, Hide Your Fires. Placed 15th.
Austin Vonley, 13, Bellevue, Nebraska. Mistakes of the Past. Placed 15th.
Roshan Varick, 16, District Six. Edge of Chaos. Placed 17th.
Blaine Carrigan, 16, District Six. Flesh and Blood. Placed 17th.
Leander Pelion, 16, District Four. Teen Idle. Placed 20th.
Luno Levelly, 18, District Five. A Poem of Swine and Wrath. Placed 21st.
Prius Gazer, 16, District Six. Doomed to Die. Placed 21st.
Liana Kinney, 18, District Five. For A Reason. Placed 23rd.


Micah Beckett, 18, District Four. Embellished. Placed 1st.
Ari Everly, 17, District Seven. Anathema. Placed 1st.
Lucifer Scion, 18, District Nine. Unconscious Reality. Placed 1st.
Perry Dawes, 17, Palmer, Michigan. Blood Money. Placed 1st.
Kyler Gallenge, 18, District One. Silver Ashes on the Bloodied Field. Placed 2nd.
Cynthia Vanier, 18, District Four. Falling Leaves. Placed 2nd.
Terrance Vallier, 16, District Nine. A Cannon in the Wind. Placed 2nd.
Adela Lavari, 17, District Twelve. Down To The Wire. Placed 2nd.
Brynn Hendricks, 17, District Twelve. Forlorn Hope. Placed 3rd.
Cedric Delvair, 16, District Eight. Thy Kingdom Come. Placed 4th.
Danica Calhoun, 17, District Eight. Monsters Among Us. Placed 4th.
Reyna Calhoun, 17, District Twelve. Sound of Silence. Placed 5th.
Raleigh Torrance, 18, District One. Iridescence. Placed 6th.
Brooke Devior, 17, District Eight. The Origins of Monstrosity. Placed 6th.
Josiah Kirsche, 18, District Ten. Demons Within. Placed 6th.
Tobin Ortega, 17, District Ten. Kept Under Lock And Key. Placed 6th.
Grant Bentley, 17, District Eight. Oblivion. Placed 7th.
Rhydel Conifer, 16, District Nine. The First Twenty-Four. Placed 8th.
Creighton Scyllan, 15, District Five. Cloud Nine. Placed 9th.
Avenna Rossier, 17, District Twelve. Hunting Season. Placed 9th.
Frazier Malcolm, 17, District Eleven. Epitaph. Placed 10th.
Demetri Stafford, 16, District Seven. Blood. Placed 11th.
Aedric Surran, 38, District Twelve. Measured in Blood. Placed 12th.
Altair Ellion, 16, District Five. To Die But Once. Placed 14th.
Maddox Viatelle, 15, District Ten. Silver Ashes on the Bloodied Field. Placed 14th.
Arcas Kodo, 14, District Nine. They All Fall Down. Placed 16th.
Aleria Vorrant, 18, District Three. Veil of Ignorance. Placed 17th.
Merrick Levaun, 18, District Seven. Fear of Falling. Placed 17th.
Foster Carney, 18, District Twelve. A Messenger's Angst. Placed 18th.
Althea Everill, 15, District Five. Blood. Placed 19th.
Brianne Ravelle, 16, Capitol. From Utopia. Placed 20th.
Amaya Devlin, 16, District Six. Hideaway. Placed 22nd.
Naomi Aracus, 17, District Eight. A Diamond is Forever. Placed 22nd.
Levitt Tithe, 18, District Eleven. Only Human. Placed 22nd.
Tarquin Derrein, 15, District Eleven. Survival. Placed 24th.


Castellan Isenya, 18, District One, Ready for War.
Reyan Nalara, 18, District Two. Stoneheart.
Jordan Kalisco, 18, District Four. To the Wolves.
Andras Solerna, 17, District Nine. A World Alone.
Kelso Ornassy, 15, District Eleven. A World Alone.
McAfee Sylvane, 18, District Twelve. A Song of Snakes and Rats.
Kozin Eldarie, 17, District Twelve. Six Feet Under.

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