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Favorite Fanfic Characters: Basically anyone misunderstood or underexplored.

Draco Malfoy- Granted canon Malfoy is a cowardly little snitch, but I like Draco's fanfic counterpart more for the sole reason of how many opportunities he opens up. Given HP, is written from Harry's POV, a very large amount of the wizarding world, especially those parts Harry doesn't like are left vastly unexplored. That and I love how much of an unrepentant Ass he can be. Danny Fenton(yes I mean Fenton)- Because the concept of someone being both alive and dead at the same time has so many unexplored possibilities when one steps away from PG-Rating its not even funny. Danny is witty, typical teen with superhero powers struggling to balance ghosts, high school, and doing the right thing-and honesty, who doesn't, it makes him relatable and a good read. Tsunayoshi Sawada- If there is one flaw that KHR suffers from, aside the painfully long Daily Life Arc, it's called character development. Its realistically slow, which honestly who reads a comic about super powered Mafioso for that. Otherwise Tsuna is a kind, if internally very snarky, young kid. If one pays close attention to his character, you'd note that as loving as he is, he's no saint, and though horrified by the mafia, he tends to turn a blind eye to the blood on the hands of people he cares about. A fascinating little dichotomy in his character to explore. Lelouch Vi Brittania- As odd as it may sound, its fairly rare I find a main character of a show I want to read a fic of, if only because main characters get the most screen time and development on screen anyway. Lelouch however, is such a complicated and even contradictory character that the show didn't have time to explore deeply enough into his person. Then there's the fact that much of what happens in CG, happens off screen and left to the viewer to infer.

CROSSOVERS: There was a time when I started reading fic, that I was utterly terrified of these for the same reason I was weary of OC's. The typical amateur crossover or OC-Syndrome goes a little something like this.

Story begins at the very beginning of the canon, in which the first few thousand words are lifted straight from the source material. Enter OC or crossover character from writer's favorite show, we'll call him Gary (get it). Gary will be the super hot, intelligent, badass version of the writer or source character, whose job it will be in the first chapter to discover the mystery behind the main plot of the whole show in the first twenty minutes, but instead Gary will tag along with the main characters on their journey anyway, cause he's a swell guy who points out their human flaws and inadequacies for their betterment.

The Journey itself won't change in the slightest except Gary will occasionally save the lives of people the writer likes and killing people they don't. By the way did I mention, Gary will be getting laid a lot by every female (or male) character in the show, you know, cause Gary's really a perfect guy- a lover not a fighter, except when he is for convenience. Ugh

But Ignoring That, I eventually came to a point where I started to grow bored with the selection of stories; how many different ways can Zuko kidnap Katara, and go through a journey of self discovery ultimately leading to him being Fire Lord and Katara Fire Lady. Eventually I decided to explore and came upon one of my all time favorite fics, Furuichi's Demonic Adventure by WDO345, yes relatively new and incomplete, but hi-freaking-lariours and blends the two worlds smoothly. So I encourage you, don't fear the crossover and try one.

PAIRINGS: Honestly anything that's not canon; I'm also morbidly interested in anything taboo.

Exception being Yaoi or Yuri, not because I hate on gay love, but because I tend to get very(unhealthily) absorbed in my stories and find it difficult too really relate. Oddly enough as a straight male I find it easier to read about gay men than gay woman, if only because the female thought process somewhat eludes me. Meh.

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