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Kurenai no Musha PM
Joined Aug '13

Username: 紅 の 武者 = Kurenai no Musha means Crimson Warrior in Japanese.

Nickname : Kurenai, Nai.

Avatar: Wanyamon. (Yes, a digimon)

Yes, I uses Japanese name as my Username but that doesn't mean I'm a Japanese. Though, I am, in fact an Asian. I'm more into reader instead of writer. The reason of this account exist? Because some author here are like to complaint "Please anon get an account." for whatever reason (mostly to make it easier to keep in touch with their reader they said). And now I know that it make me easier to keep track of their work also. Oh, lastly, I will be rarely reviewing story and I'm sorry for being a silent reader most of the time. Mostly it because I has nothing to say and I'm not really good at talking.

And, that's all that I'm going to put on this not-blank-anymore profile. Thank you for visiting, and good day.

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