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Hello, thanks for dropping by here.

I'm considered a newbie around here, just joined a few months back, but the people I have met so far? You guys are all gold.

There are the reviewers, whose input and feedback are always appreciated and some of our conversations can touch on subjects ranging from world politics to writing advice, the education system and snake charming, to name a few. Even if it just a sentence or a word, reviews do make a difference. It feels like I accomplished something that people like and well, it really brings a huge smile to my face because it means a lot to have someone come forward to pen down their thoughts. Some of my reviewers have become good friends which is really cool and awesome. For those who favourite/follow, thank you too. I'm just really glad that hey, at least some people do like what I'm writing. It's mainly dark, twisted and psychological fics. Just knowing that there are people out there wanting to read it is enough for me. And of course, to the silent readers. That's perfectly fine as well. I'm writing not because of fame, I'm writing because it's FUN and I enjoy it so you taking the time to even read it is great enough. :)

Well, I have a good sense of humour (morbid, at times), I like to learn new things and am a generally pretty easy-going person. I like dark characters more than a normal person should, probably because I have a snarky and dark nature myself. Which always make life more amusing. As a student with plenty of commitments, I can't exactly update often. I send my fics for rigorous proofreading and ensure that what I write is my absolute best. I figured since you're taking the time to read my fics, I should take the time to make sure that they're good. Although I'm still a budding writer and have much to learn so do bear with me if I make a few errors. Because getting it wrong is the closest way to getting it right. Hell yeah.

Here's to a journey to the world of fanfic, to the people I have the opportunity to meet and the people who I will meet in future, and all the stories that was, that is and that will be born from the fertile fields of imagination.

Constructive criticism is much appreciated. Flames, however, would be used to toast delicious marshmallows. Cheers!

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