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For anyone who was reading 'Cover me in Red' I'm sorry for deleting the story and i'm also sorry for disappearing for a while. I'm am not leaving fanfiction.net nor am I abandoning any of the stories I have posted previously but have deleted. I will be revamping all of my stories and even adding more.

I have made a rule for myself that 5 chapters must be written in advance for all stories and each chapter must be at least 2,500 words(with the exception of prologues, omakes, and spin-off stories they will be as long or as short as necessary). Though i must warn you the chapter i write may be at least 2,500 words but that doesn't me the posted chapters will be. If I believe it would be more suspenseful to end at 1,000 words then I will do so. But look on the bright side that means that the next update wont be to far off, Heck! It could even come the next day who knows.

I'm going to stop giving approx. update dates to probably won't happen but, I will try and update frequently(No promises though) Esspecially because this is my senior year; I have chosen to dual-enroll with SLU in order to take calculus and statistics for college credit, and I am also taking an Advanced Placement Environmental Science (APES). Though this my not sound like a lot to deal with it is, because along with the advanced classes there are other courses and activities to attend to; Innovative Engineering III class project (I have to create an RPG and I have less than a year to do it), Senior capstone (required of all seniors at my school so I can't get out of it), Robotics and anime club this is only my first semester. Next semester I will be in four duel-enrolled classes along with my APES class, and of course i will still be doing things like robotics team, Capstone, Innovative III, and anime club.

I am also revamping my profile page as well it was to cluttered with stuff I don't really need on the page.

Before stories come I will be redoing my profile page and also making a website to post M rated content on it's time it started abiding by rules before someone reports my stories and get them taken off of the site. I will also be creating a blog on the website and would enjoy it if you guys would read it along with the M(over lemony lime fanfics).

Later I will be posting a link to my website and also stories to look forward to including 'Cover me in Red', and for the few people who read 'Entering the World of Reborn' it will be there as well. I hope everyone will look forward to my more sophisticated writings because I am sure I have grown as a person and writing within the time I have not updated on

I also now have an entire team of editors that will be reviewing my stories about 100 times so you the readers don't have to suffer to much pain while reading. The editors I have each specialize in different areas: character and plot development, grammar, sentence structure, sentence transition, story flow, adding necessary character flaws, chapter outlining, and so much more. They are a fantastic team.

Update on my progress: I thus far have at least finished some chapters and/or outlines for quite a few stories. There are also at least 5 character charts completed for a few stories.

Thanks for your ime and support!!!!!

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