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I don't usually do much long story writing, I tend to write one shots and poems. However I adore reading the work of others no matter the length.

My favourite fics/poems to read and write are those that involve any of the following: mass effect, Halo, transformers (movies and cartoons), Harry Potter, Pokemon, red vs blue, portal, the Avengers, the hunger games, maximum ride, pride and prejudice, how to tame your dragon, big hero 6, Remember me (the computer game), Hogans hero's and RWBY. There's probably more I've probably forgot to include in this list.

I'm not usually a big fan of OC's, way to often I find that they and poorly written with the OC being either way over powered or they cause massive deviations from established canon storyline and often resulting in others becoming OOC . That's not to say there aren't some really good stories with OC's, because there are, I'm just generally cautious about OC's.

Lastly I despise really really long profiles. Im talking about the ones that take forever to scroll through and that include all those chain messages like 'add to your profile if you believe so and so'. I don't mind 1 or even 2 of the chain things, but there is a limit one can handle! Honestly, scrolling through so much is not appealing for many readers.

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