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Important message.

Yesterday, the EU parliament has decided to pass the infamous Article 13, which has now got very strict rules on 'copyright'. I haven't read into detail about this yet, but I will do over the summer as we wait until this official legislation is established. But from what I have read currently, I may have to pay compensation to companies if they find my content to be against copyright, and I may have had to pay a fine just because I used the characters from a certain show/game/movie.

So, for now (and until the UK leaves the EU) I have deleted my stories off of my account. Don't worry though, they are saved on my computer, and I am still working on the bigger project, but all the favorites, follows, comments and even views that I have built up since 2014 (4 bloody years ago) have completely disappeared.

I am beyond pissed.

Shame on me if I fell into the scaremongering instead of reading into the details of the law myself, causing me to lose all of my progress on this site, but I am not one for taking chances. Especially about the law.

But yeah. No matter what the result is, all my progress is gone.

So, what now?

You don't have to do it. I don't want you into following me purely because you feel sorry for me, but if you would like to immediately get back into reading my fan fiction when it comes back on this site, I would suggest you to follow me to keep updated on the situation. Apart from that, I'll probably upload the chapters of the stories daily so you'll bound to see it one day or another.

If you would like to know exactly what stories I have written, they were:

Stronger - Sonamy

Everything I have - Sonamy

Mother's Day - SAO/ Kirisuna (and Yui)

Boom! Shots - Sonamy

(There was also Close call (Sonamy) but I was going to delete that one anyway)

So yeah, feel free to follow me, and I will hopefully see you guys sometime in the future. Later!

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