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Ai dragneel PM
Joined Aug '13

Name : Ai Dragneel

Age : 13 years old

Gender: Female

Can talk alittle in Japanese and English (don't ask me about Chinese..)

Personality: i don't really know about myself, so i let you to imagine/think what person is me! 'but please don't imagine me in negative ways.., *sobs*' i whispered to myself as gloomy aura appears.

Oh! At least i have alittle weird personality! : i'm a shy person infront of someone that i don't know, but friendly at someone that already know -or at Internet web, like FB or FF! like now!

Like (colour): Pink, Black, Red

Like (animal): All!! except some animals that scary or creepy to me

(Ya know, like Mosquito, etc)

Hate: hmm.. I hate Many things but now and i hate 100% are Study! Test! School! And have Motion Sick like Natsu (Fairy Tail) too..!

OC of Sutchine's Story: 'Difference'

Named: 'Aifillidra de Serehiryu Dragneel'

Filli from lucy Heartfillia

Dra from natsu Dragneel

Sere from Lucy's magic: Celestial Magic in japanese: seere Mahou

Hiryu from Fire Dragon in japanese meaning: hi ryuu

dragneel from.. You already know, right?


I'm new here! (at least since around August)

and i like FanFiction because of my friend!

The first i just ignore her, but because i bored, i try to check what is FanFiction and start to read Fairy Tail

And after a few months, i signed in, Which is in (around) August '13

i think someday i will write my own story based anime too,

Nice to meet you, everyone! \(///w///)/

My Best Anime Couple is

NaLu Or NatsuxLucy!!! From anime Fairy Tail

I still have more favorite anime couple but for the best is NaLu!

(And i don't wanna full my profil with that, ahahaha *nervous laugh*)

oh! And-

MY WATTPAD ID: Ai_dragneel (only still have one story since i just sign in)

Well, i think i can't update my FT fanfiction since it's too complicated.

since i'm not good at grammar..

and if i can draw, i will choose drawing manga about FT than write it.

but i'm not good at drawing too so i'll pass.

i will make some stories in my head only.

well, sorry and


Okay, that's all!

yoroshiku nee, minna!!

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