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John Carlo Tan everybody! Just your typical teenage- well, I'm twenty-two years old... and getting older. Oh god. Stop...

Age: 22

Location: You're going to have to ask the FBI for that.

A person is smart, wise, strong, patient. People are dumb, mindless creatures.

It's not justice that can oppose evil. It is an absolute evil that overpowers evil itself.

"Do we bend the rules in service to a greater good? And if we do, what does it say of us?"

The Three Great Ironies:

1 : We seek to promote peace, but commit murder.

2: We seek to open the minds of men, but require obedience to rule

3: We seek to reveal the danger of blind faith, yet practice it themselves

Well, I like games, sports, mostly anything that can interest me. I like to sleep, eat, and just walk outside, unless there's a weather problem of course. Well, that's just about me. I always love reviews that are give. Good or bad reviews doesn't matter to me. I appreciate them all. Unless your review is just so dumb that it doesn't even makes sense, those types, I just ignore them.

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