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Okay then!

Seeing as I have yet to produce any stories due mainly to my laziness/limited time/shyness, I think I should probably justify my taking up this cyber space by doing what I do best: Reviewing! So, I'll be using my profile page to tell youWHY all these stories made it to my favorites list... enjoy_ (And just so you know, I support the some of the oddest shonen ai pairings out there, so prepare yourself... and please forgive me, Dragon! ;_;)

Aeon Haikus: I love the Aeons from Final Fantasty X, they were just so cool! And few people ever explored their origins, or took them for a literary spin, or even used them to their full potential. So I'm always greatful when someone wrties about them, much less an excellent tribute like a haiku for each one of them!

Amethyst Rainshower: An adorabe Chris, a kind Sonikku, and a rainshow to bring themtogether...what more could you possibly ask for?

Another Long Night: Danny X Danny snuggles = Whoo-hoo_

Bestfriends or Something More: I'll admit that it's a little bit juvenile, and was likely written by someone who had yet to fully master the skills and nuances of a writer, but that doesn't change the fact that it is a very cute and sweet little story about one of my favorite pairings: Spike x Bumblebee!

By Moonlight: Takato and Guilmon see Beelzemon taking a bath. Gallantmon makes an appearence. Come on, you know you want to read it...

Down a Tunnel and Through a Looking Glass: Another dark and absorbing walk down into the story of American Mcgee's Alice, and one of the best I've seen.

Ed Proofed: The mannerisms, habits, and speech patterns of Ed and crew are recreated flawlessly. A light-hearted look at a typical day for the Bebopers.

Fifteen Levels to Goddom: Funny, detailed, and kinda cute! Knuckles happens upon a tetris obsessed Sonic, and things just get stranger from there.

Final Wish: Another Aeon tribute, wherin they lament what they lost, and are grateful for what they are finally given.

Graveyard: Heart-wrenching Transformers story about the very essence of death: loss.

Dear Journal: Takato writing about and then chasing after Guilmon... a bit short, but not bad_

Heros All: Okay, now this one... this is just one of those gems you spend hours looking for. If you like Chrono Trigger, you'll love this tribute. I love it, and I'm not ashamed to say so! ;P

I am a Rock: This was MY song when I was all angsty and depressed during my high school years, and it still has a lot of sentimental value to me.

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