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11/18/09: New chapter of Discovery (finally) up!

Hey there! What can I say...I am an 21 year old girl who lives in a place you only WISH you could live. Translation: the middle of nowhere. I love to write and decided to put my writing skills to the test by writing fanfiction, among other things.

~A little about myself~

I was born in California and moved when I was three into a 140 year old haunted hotel (I'm not joking)...which tends to be scarring to a child...

I'm easy going...my motto with meeting new people is "I like you until you give me a reason not to."

I love animals of all kinds...even snakes though I hate with a passion spiders and bees. Spiders the most, although I claimed to have a pet spider when I was younger (poor Peter...I think he was picked off by a bird...I don't hate it). Anything with that many legs and eyes and sporting more hair than necessary deserves to be squished under my size nine shoe.

I used to dream of owning a killer whale...I'd put it in a pool and my parents would never know... : )

I have a hard time remembering things. ex: chores, homework, taxes...simple stuff

I love making people laugh...

Sarcasm is my weapon of choice. I use it frequently.

I'm blonde and sometimes act it. It's not a right, it's a priveledge.

When wearing heels, my friends like to call me Amazon woman because end up taller than most men.

I travel a lot and I really want to go to Europe...

Once, I almost was in a car crash with a shopping cart... : )

I like dancing in the hallways at school...or at the mall...or in the middle of Walmart...it's liberating, try it some time.

And for my conclusion: I conclude...

Now, I guess, to my list!

~Favorite Books
The Twilight Saga...Breaking Dawn included!

Pride and Prejudice (anything by Jane Austen, really)

A History Lesson for Girls

The Picture of Dorian Gray



Anything written by Sarah Dessen

Water for Elephants

The Hunger Games

~Favorite Movies
Four Brothers

She's the Man


Dirty Dancing

Sixteen Candles

The Breakfast Club

Pride and Prejudice

My Fair Lady

Roman Holiday

Current Stories

Centered (On hiatus)

Discovery (In progress)

Becca Black

Well, that's it I guess. I hope you like what I've got and take a look at my favorite authors and stories. There might be something you like!

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