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Hi there! I'm Euroteres, a male college student with a love of reading and a passion for writing.

I've been perusing fanfiction for a while now and finally decided to try my hand at writing some myself. I tend to read to read whatever catches my interest so I like hopping around from fandom to fandom to find interesting stories.

Between college, work and working on a story I hope to one day get published I'm not sure how often I'll be able to update, but I'll try and avoid any unmentioned several month hiatus and the like XD


Compromise: Dragon Ball Z

Genre: Family/Friendship

A/U: Six months after the events of the Cell Games, Gohan still hasn't dealt with the anger and sadness that his father's choice has brought him. Desperate to do something more than just spend his time studying, he comes up with a proposal he hopes will persuade his overprotective mother into giving him some much needed freedom. ON HIATUS I'm still planning on working with this story but for now my interest has faded while I work on Echoes

Echoes: Naruto

Genre: Drama/Adventure

Sometimes you need a second chance to ensure that your precious people are kept safe, even if you're not aware you've been given one. Having just become a genin, Naruto believed he was ready for anything the world could throw at him. That was, until the sudden appearance of the "other", along with the "echoes" of events, voices and emotions that came with it, made its residence within his mind.

Chapter 3 65% Complete 7/16/15

I've always been interested in Time Travel/Peggy Sue fics, but I've rarely seen one that doesn't automatically give the time traveler all of their knowledge of future events and the only thing I've really seen dance around that subject in the Naruto fandom is Team 7: A Retelling, so I decided I wanted to play around with the idea. Here's to hoping you all enjoy it :D

Credit for the Cover Image goes to my sister. You can find it here: http:///art/Eight-Trigrams-Eight-Foundations-Seal-528211734

Crazy ideas I want to read/write.

A Post-Epilogue story in which the people from the war torn lands of the unnamed continent in "Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel" have finally united and choose to invade the Elemental Nations in a Crusade of sorts.
- Like the movie shows, they're based off of a Post-Medieval Europe
- The unnamed continent is located a ways south of Suna
- The Infinite Tsukiyomi DID NOT affect the entire world, mostly because the moon wasn't a natural satellite created during the planet's creation, but something created specifically to seal away the Jūbi and as such, only affected the northern coastal regions of the unnamed continent.
- They have their own set of "Bijū equivalents", based off of the Seven Deadly Sins/Seven Virtues of Christianity
-- Unlike the Jūbi, the "super entity" that made up the unnamed continent's "Bijū equivalents" willingly split itself and will into seven parts of equal strength and different abilities
- The Gelel Stone is actually the crystallized power of the unnamed continent's "super entity" and works sort of like an equivalent to Natural Energy/Sage Chakra.
-- Sages of the unnamed continents get red eyes rather than golden ones while using Natural Energy to augment their skills. (callback to the people who use the Gelel Stones getting red eyes during their use)
- The noble and religious power structure is based around the 7 "Bijū equivalents" and the Virtue/Sin they represent. Each Sin is represented by a noble house and each equivalent Virtue is represented by a faction of the religious order.


-Saint: The equivalent of a Jinchūriki. The name is supposed to be comparative of how Jinchūriki means "the power of a human sacrifice" and the fact that in the real world, a person must die before they can be canonized as a saint.
-- A Saint is considered a member of both the Noble House and Religious Sect of their Family, yet not a part of either at the same time.
-- A Saint is the only person who can wield both the Virtue and the Sin of their Family
-- A Saint is chosen by the Bijū equivalent and made into their vessel. No seals are involved to keep the Bijū equivalent in and it may very well choose to leave the Saint for one reason or another and choose another vessel, killing the Saint in the process.

-Virtue/Sin: The equivalent term of Kekkai Genkai. Each Virtue and equivalent Sin is derived from one of the Seven Families

-Seven Families: The seven bloodlines descended from the original Seven Saints. Each bloodline has a Virtue and Sin that runs in the family, though none can manifest both the Sin and Virtue
-- Someone from one of the Seven Families cannot marry someone from another of the Seven Families. They can however marry anyone who is not a member of the Seven Families.

- Religious Hierarchy
-- Deacon: A member of the clergy who is not born of one of the Seven Families
-- Priest: A member of the clergy who is born of one of the Seven Families. They may or may not be able to manifest their Virtue.
-- Bishop: Members of the clergy who are able to manifest their Virtue. Candidates for Sage Training
-- Archbishop: Members of the clergy who have obtained some mastery of the Sage Arts
-- Cardinal: Member of the clergy with complete mastery of the Sage Arts (1-3 per Virtue)

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