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Hello, everyone. I'm Vidgealz C. Valvatore (Although that isn't my real name), your lazy author. I'm a Senor in high school. I am 18 years old, a tomboy, and I'm in love with the color Yellow. I enjoy sports. Football is my favorite. I AM LAZY!! Not all the time but mostly. I like reviews and suggestions in my stories, so please don't hesitate to throw your suggestions out there. Well, as long as I don't consider your suggestions as an insult. I am generally a nice person, but if annoyed, irritated, or angered by your words, I can become a real pain in the ass. But hey, an eye for an eye. I love Kuroshitsuji, Yugioh, yugioh 5d's, Final fantasy VII, Naruto, Hellsing, Bleach, and many other games and anime. I am a big fan of Yaoi. I'm like some stories that are Yuri based too, but Yaoi is my favorite. Will you see me create Yuri based fanfiction? Maybe. Maybe not. Will you see me create Yaoi based fanfiction? Maybe. Maybe not. We'll just have to wait and see, won't we?

Character's I hate.

Anime -Naruto: I hate Sasuke. He's an ass to those who are trying to help him, and no, I don't find him attractive. He might be cute... as a uke.

Anime -Bleach: I hate Ichigo. He ruined the chance for Orihime and Ulquiorra to actually become a couple. Once again, I would only like him as a uke.

Anime -Hellsing: I hate Anderson. He's trying to kill Alucard, whose (basically) saving other humans from blood thirsty vampires even though he seems...odd.

Anime -Death Note: I hate Light. He claims to be a (insane) god. The book has the power of death, not him. He also killed L, who was only doing his job as a detective.

Anime - Kuroshitsuji: I hate Bardroy very, very much. Maybe it's because he keeps coming up with idea's that gets all 3 servants in trouble. Maybe it's because he keeps using flamethrowers and what not to create his "work of art" when he was told repeatedly not to use flamethrowers or anything else used in war for cooking in the manor. Maybe it's because he's constantly blowing up the damn kitchen!

Game - Final Fantasy VII: I hate Cloud. Mostly because he ignored Tifa for Arieth (I'm not saying Arieth doesn't deserve love.). And he's selfish at that. When Tifa and Vincent (or any other man in the game) are a couple, Cloud always tries to break them up or make her fall for him. He blew his chance with Tifa when he went with Arieth, now he's trying to get Tifa.

There are many more, but that would be time consuming.

The reason I have these characters here is because I don't always have them in my stories or I make them look like the bad guys, or I'm just character bashings.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my stories. Review any of them. I would really love that.

Your Lazy Author: Vidgealz. _

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