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Due to events in the physical world I doubt I will be writing anything new or updating for a while.

All Characters and Settings and other recognizable things in my stories belong to whoever owns them and that person or company is not me. I don’t own them and I don’t make profit of them, I’m just playing with other people’s stuff.

I won't delete a story once I have posted it. I also have an account on Archive of our Own under the name Briar_Ruler and a Tumblr under the name briarruler.

List of stories

Avatar the Last Airbender

Heir of Roku is an Avatar the Last Airbender story that I plan for to be canon divergent, somewhat alternative universe with a fair amount of world building.

Spirit Bound is an Avatar the Last Airbender Alternative Universe-Canon Divergence story I am considering writing. During the Summer Solstice following his Banishment a young prince saves and befriends a Dragon-Bird Spirit. Two and a bit years later the ripples of change from this action strike a destiny that was-to-be. The Avatar has awoken and a once hopeless quest is hopeless no more but should Zuko walk the path that the world expects of him or the one he has tentatively been laying?

the Sun Illuminates the Moon is an Avatar the Last Airbender story that I have posted the prologue of.

Zuko of the Pokémon Verse

Zuko of the Pokémon is the main story of my Pokémon Avatar the Last Airbender Crossover. On Pause, Pending rewrite. Decided to include Gen8 Pokemon and have also figured out more of my plot line but I need to do some heavy edits to my current chapters and so, unlikely to be updated anytime this year.

Zuko of the Pokémon-Background Information currently just has information on character's Pokémon teams but will hopefully expand to include world building related info and maybe some back stories for members of Zuko's crew.

Danny Phantom

Three for the Portal Verse

Three for the Portal is the main story and is kind of paused. I hope I will continue it one day but don't hold your breath. It also does a time jump between chapter 3 and chapter 4 has I haven't written out what happens in that time frame yet.

Other Stories

Mages of Pern has not been posted but is a crossover between Dragon Age and Dragonriders of Pern with Anders as the main character after he accidentally discovers Pern and bonds with a group of fused firelizards/Fade Wisps at a very young age which allows him to travel Between Pern and Thedos.

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