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I have been reading Fanfiction for quiet awhile now, So I have read quite a few stories. Out of every fic I have ever read, this particular one really hit me hard. The amount of knowledge and depth in this piece of work was bloody amazing and I just have to get other ppl to read it.

If u are a Criminal Minds Fanfiction reader (even if u aren't, u should still read it :P) Then u should LOVE this (especially if u are a hurt Reid fan :P)

The author is-- oleanderclouds
And the name of the fic is-- The Descent

This isn't the only Fic I would love to share, but this profile would be very long if I did, as I have read a lot, as I have stated :P. Most of the stories I have read are amazing, fantastic and any other word that can describe the amount of fabulous work that goes into some of these Fics. So I have them all below in my list of favs, which I have done a list on what I read and who I like to read about, so have a look, I think all of these stories are amazing. :D But go and judge for urself :).

If u like reading:

Supernatural Merlin Criminal Minds, How to Train your Dragon Fairy Tail White Collar Fullmetal Alchemist Psych Rise of the Guardians Outsiders Naruto Numb3rs Aladdin.

Then u shall find all of those Fics in my Fav list :P (Some of the stories arne't finished, but I just loved them too much to nt fav em :P)
Most, if not all of them are hurt fanfics, Love my fav characters getting hurt lol :P

Fav characters:

Supernatural (Sam) Merlin (Merlin) Criminal Minds (Spencer Reid) How to Train your Dragon (Hiccup) Fairy Tail (Natsu) White Collar (Neal) Fullmetal Alchemist (Eward {Ed}) Psych (Shawn) Rise of the Guardians (Jack Frost) Outsiders (Ponyboy Curtis) Naruto (Naruto) Numb3rs (Charlie Eppes) Aladdin (Aladdin).

If anyone ever reads this and does like some of the stories I have Favorited, then plz do let me know, and if u have any story ideas for the stories labeled and the character for that show, then, please, I'm all ears and eyes hehe, I would love to read suggested stories :P :) :D

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