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Joined Sep '13

Favorite games: Crimson Skies, Star wars Republic Commandos, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, most TellTale games.

Favorite Animes: D. Gray-man, Tokyo Ghoul, Digimon, Yugioh, RWBY, Bleach.

Favorite Youtubers: Nakateleeli, Chuggaaconroy, CaptainSparklez, DanQ8000, Markiplier.

If I don't respond to a PM I'm either

A)Doing something else online or reading a another fic.

B)I can't get to a computer or something else happens that take priority over being a computer.

C)Sick or distracted (Which happens to be most of the time).

D)Life happened and I need some time.

If don't respond it's not going to be due to laziness, I try my best to respond to PMs that are sent to me.

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