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I started a discord server (Lifetime Promise) with a friend of mine, Yogami Asura. He's the author of a really good story "I Promise." The server is for fans of our stories, or really anyone who wants to talk Fanfiction and anime with us and others from the community. I encourage you to join if interested.

Here is the link: discord . gg / k7h6njPG

FFN doesn't like links, so just type that in the URL without the spaces. I hope to see you all there!

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Favorite Manga: Tokyo Ghoul/Tokyo Ghoul :re

Favorite TG Character: Ken

Favorite Anime: Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

Favorite Naruto Character: Jiraiya

Favorite TV Show: House M.D.

Growing up, the first series that introduced me to anime, and then later manga, were DBZ and Naruto. Even though Tokyo Ghoul later claimed the crown for my favorite manga series, Naruto is by far the most nostalgic for me. It's not perfect, but there are so many iconic moments that I can re-watch over and over again. Tokyo Ghoul's anime adaptation, well, let's just say it leaves a lot to be desired (It's awful).

Writing has never been my strong suit. In fact, far from it. I have always struggled in English classes. Whenever any sort of creative writing prompt was given as an assignment, I would dread it. So, you may be asking yourself, why would someone like that decide to write Fanfiction? To be honest, I don't really know. Years ago, I became obsessed with Naruto and craved more of the world Kishimoto had built. This led me to discover this website and all of the creative stories other fans have crafted using the foundation the Naruto world had laid down for us all. After reading a lot of good Fics, and worse ones, in 2014 I too became inspired to write my own story. Though, as I said before, I was always a terrible writer. The first draft of 'A Bet of a Lifetime' was ungodly levels of awful and I was too self-conscious to publish it. Only after taking English classes in college did, I get to a point where I was proficient enough at writing where I wasn't completely embarrassed to publish my ideas. This coincided with the End of the Naruto manga, which happened to reinvigorate my desire to write this fic. Then, in 2017 I finally posted the first chapter. So, while I missed the time frame where the Naruto fandom peaked on this site, I could still share it with veterans and new fandom members. I hope you all like it as much as I do.

A Bet of a Lifetime: (Updated 12/02/22)

There are 4 'Interludes' that aren't numbered as chapters, which is why the Most Recent chapter is three less than what the story shows when you click on it.

(Most Recent) Chapter 47 - 100% Written (8.3K), 100% Edited (An Eye for an Eye) Released - Saturday, October 8th at 1-3 PM EST

(Reserve 1 - Next) Chapter 48 - 100% Written (6.6K), 0% Edited (Iustitia Praevalebit - Part 1) Release Date - Saturday, December 10th at 1-3 PM EST

(Reserve 2) Chapter 48 - 20% Written (1.4K), 0% Edited (Iustitia Praevalebit - Part 2) Release Date - Saturday, January 14th at 1-3 PM EST

(Reserve 3) Chapter 50 - 0% Written (0.0K), 0% Edited (TBD)

I try to write chapters in advance before releasing them. This is to ensure I put out chapters in a reasonable amount of time. It helps greatly against burnout and allows me time to make changes, so I don't rush out a subpar chapter. When I finish writing the Reserve 3 (100% Written) draft you can expect the Reserve 1: Next chapter to come out within a few days. If I don't finish reserve 3 in time for the next release date listed in Reserve 1 I will still be releasing the chapter on that day. PM me if you have questions.

Jiraiya being my favorite character, I wanted to create a story that expanded on the father-son relationship between Jiraiya and Naruto. While the story has evolved well beyond what it was when I thought of it almost 6 years ago, that is still something that I have been able to keep. It will still focus mainly on Naruto and his story, but with Jiraiya having more screen time and playing a more active role in the development of our favorite young blond.

A Bet of a Lifetime Battle Types: Categorizes the different types of abilities prevalent in the Narutoverse. If a character can fall under two categories their primary will be listed first, secondary will be listed second. Example: Ino Yamanaka: Support/Medic. If a character falls under three or more categories, they will be designated as a 'balanced' battle type. Battle types will be included along with character profiles at the end of every chapter starting with Chapter 32: A Rat Hidden Amongst the Leaves.

Combat: Up close and personal.

Excels in one-on-one combat with the use of either Ninjutsu or Taijutsu (or Sharingan Genjutsu). High strength and speed are common attributes in this category. Extremely dangerous to face without back up and can be even further enhanced in tandem with a Support or Strategist type.

Example: Sasuke Uchiha

Support: The help.

Skills, such as Genjutsu or the Nara Clan's Jutsu (among others), that are not best-suited to be on the front lines. Most effectively used to assist and enhance either a Combat or Assault Type.

Example: Kurenai Yuhi

Reconnaissance: Information is key.

Master of infiltration and espionage tactics makes them adept in gathering intelligence. Or, use of the Hyuga's Byakugan to scout ahead and gather intelligence or secure positional advantage. Dangerous when paired with the Strategist type.

Example: Zetsu

Strategist: The battlefield is my Shogi board.

Extremely intelligent, can make effective strategies when given adequate intel. Good friends with the Reconnaissance battle type, and even better friends with Combat and Assault types. A unit that is greater than the sum of its individual parts can thank this genius.

Example: Shikamaru Nara

Medic: I need heals!

Versed in the ways of Medical Ninjutsu. Requires fine chakra control, excellent concentration, and vast knowledge of the human body. Must stay behind the front lines and not engage unless the situation necessitates it.

Example: Shizune

Balanced: Jack of all trades, master of none (usually).

Well rounded Shinobi. Diverse skillset means they fit into at least three of the other categories. Hard to pin them down when you have no clue what they'll pull from their toolbelt.

Example: Kakashi Hatake

*Sensor: You can run but you can't hide.

Special subset of Support. Can distinguish a persons location and strength based on their scent or chakra signature. Similar to the Support type, a sensor is not suited for the front lines. Their talents are best used to relay information during a fight, or in the art of tracking.

Example: Karin

*Assault: Strength in numbers takes on a whole new meaning.

With the force of a wrecking ball, they are the subset of the Combat Battle Type. Unique abilities and Jutsu make this Shinobi perfectly suited to battle several opponents at once. Is also usually skilled in one-on-one situations. Arguably the most dangerous designation.

Example: Naruto Uzumaki

*Combat Medic: I can break all of the rules!

A special subset of Medic Ninja who are not bound by the common practice of staying behind the front lines during a battle. This designation is usually only granted to those who master the 100 Healings Jutsu.

Example (only 2 are known): Tsunade Senju and Sakura Haruno (The latter hasn't quite mastered the technique yet).

* - Indicates a special subset of a main battle type. Fits under the blanket of another, but still has unique abilities that set it apart.

Story Pairings: Undecided at the moment. Pairings are kind of a tricky subject. If I were to put up a poll, it would be solely to decided whether or not the story will have pairings at all. If pairings are wanted, I would ultimately decide which ones. The tricky part is that I wouldn't want to spoil who I ended up deciding would be paired with Naruto. Meaning the story would most likely not have the pairing tag. That becomes an issue because many people on this site are incredibly particular about which pairings are acceptable and which aren't. It is to the point that some would ignore a fic entirely, even if it is high-quality, just because it doesn't have their preferred pairing. My fanfiction is gaining some decent traction and I wouldn't want to lose viewers because I chose a pairing they despised. Due to that reality, I may exclude pairings entirely unless my readers prove to me that they are open-minded.

IMPORTANT: I will not shy away from killing off characters in this fic. Also, I dislike the ideology that there must be a reason to kill off characters (to develop other more prominent characters or what have you). I want this to be realistic, at least as realistic as something like Naruto can be, which means that sudden, meaningless death is a possibility. No one is safe from that.

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch (Updated 3/17/2021)

Chapter 1 - 100% Written (5.2K words), 100% Edited (Favors Bind the Soul)

Chapter 2 - 100% Written (5.5K words), 100% Edited (The Fox and the Hawk) Release Date - Friday June 26th at 1-3PM EST

Chapter 3 - TBD Either complete or on hiatus

Consider No Such Thing as a Free Lunch a Two-Shot at the present moment. It's been an idea that has been in my head for a while now, but I won't seriously consider writing more until I'm farther into A Bet of a Lifetime. Unless there is some crazy demand for more chapters (which I doubt there will be). Think of it as a fun experiment for the time being. It's still very much in the planning stage.

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