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IMPORTANT!: All my stories are on ice right now as I'm prioritizing my offline life for the moment. This has been the situation since the last three months that I haven't updated. Needless to say, I won't be doing any updating for a long while, or at least any significant updates. But when summer comes, I'l see what happens as may be just what I'll need to pick myself up in writing as honestly. I'm lost on where to start writing again since it's been a long time since I've wrote/updated a story and I so far I only come online in this site to read other people's stories and check my PMs.

Stories List:

(Order by first story to latest) (This denotes the current status of the story: on ice, on hold, in progress)

Status explanations:

When a story is on ice, it means that I will not be updating it for an indefinite amount of time either due to lack of ideas or interest.
On hold means that I am far too busy to update other stories.
In progress means that I am working on the next chapter and shall post it once I am finished.

Familiar of Zero and Halo crossover
Familiar Of Zero Spartan-III (Story is currently on ice)

SPARTAN-B312, whom I choose to name as Enzio, had been fighting a hopeless last stand in the planet Reach as the Covenant press their attack, he was defending with all his might for several minutes and was only able to survive for that long due to a supply crate that was handed to him by Captain Jacob Keyes as he left the doomed planet. He had planned to fight to the last breathe until a portal, not unlike slipspace portals, open up under him and suck him and the crate in. He then finds himself in Halkeginia in service of possibly one of the most annoying people will ever meet!

Infinite Stratos and Halo crossover
Halo Another Earth (Story is currently on ice)

Years after the end of the Human-Covenant war, the UNSC is now dedicated to finding remaining Forerunner technology as intended for them as the Inheritors of the Mantle passed down by the Forerunners. One of the ships dedicated to this quest is used as a testing bed for a new Slipspace engine, however, something unexpected and as of yet unexplained event occurred that sent the ship and it's complement of soldiers and vehicles to a completely different planet. To Another Earth.

Highschool of the Dead and Halo crossover
Halo Contact Earth (Story is currently on ice)

After the destruction of Installation 04B, The back half of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn floats toward a Forerunner equivalent of an outer colony planet, they get help from a monitor in the planet and Cortana is saved from the clutches of rampancy, the monitor reveals a long range slip-space based teleportation device and uses it to aid the Master Chief and his A.I. but things go wrong and they end up in a totally different space and time where the dead refuse to stay dead and instead wander around looking for the living to inflict unspeakable horrors.

RWBY and Halo crossover
RWBY: Hyper Lethal (Story is currently on ice)

SPARTAN-B312 survives the Fall of Reach and the rest of the Human-Covenant war, fighting alongside the renowned Master Chief and the Arbiter Thel' Vadam, he is the only survivor of Noble team aside from Jun-A266. Years after the war, all the SPARTAN-2s and the survivors of Noble team are issued the MJOLNIR Mark X for their perfect genes and to make the best use of the suit's Forerunner-derived and extremely unique features. SPARTAN-B312 is given the opportunity to test out the armor for orbital insertion, but things take a turn and he is sent into the world of Remnant.

Halo and Muv-Luv crossover
Halo: Total Eclipse (Story is currently on ice)

Also set after the end of the Great war, The UNSC Liberty Prime, an Infinity-class warship, is sent to investigate and go through a Forerunnner portal as it was classified as an exploratory vessel like the first Infinity. However, things don't go as expected and they end their journey with the point of no return. Some of crew theorize that it could have been what the Forerunners intended for them alone. They send in a certain legendary SPARTAN-II to gather more information and eventually find out about the existence of the Beings of the Extra Terrestrial origin which is Adversary of human race or more commonly known as the BETA and are forced to enter the war as they are after all, humans.

If you would like to complain to me about a story that is on ice, then feel free to PM and give me some ideas.

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