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You want to know more about me? Fine, I hope you are prepared to be DISAPPOINTED.

Back in 2013 I took a swing at writing fanfics. My favorite stories at the time were all dragon ball themed in some way. Damn was I immersed. Anyways, I took a dive right into it and started writing about Gohan getting whisked away into the world of Young Justice (My favorite cartoon at the time). Right off the bat, I plagiarized the beginning of someone else's story and was almost instantly called out for it. Strike 1! I learned from that and realized that I actually had to use my imagination! So I wrote and wrote on and on about Gohan and his adventure in the DC Universe and I really enjoyed writing the story. I even created another story about Gohan going to the Avatar the Last Airbender world. And then a sequel to Gohan in DC and then even a new story about Kakarot in the Fairy Tail world. I loved it all! But then, I started receiving hate mail, and let it all get to me. Strike 2! I quickly lost passion for writing and tried to wrap everything up in a neat little bow. I made up a story about having a sister who was the original author and she ran away with a boyfriend. even went as far as to change my name from masenko56 to pasta36 (So Original), just so I could end things in a hurry. Strike 3! Years later, I came back to this site and deleted two of my four stories, the two that got the most hate and just moved on. I'm sorry to anyone who is still around from back then, sorry for letting you all down!

But enough about that! I have returned and will be revamping all of my stories and bringing back the other two I deleted, but all in due time, and not on this account. My account of choice is 'Team Soda'. I don't have the free time I had back then, so updates very well may be slow, and I might not have anyone interested in reading my stories, but I won't be deterred this time around. These stories must be told, even if I'm the only one reading them later on down the line!

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