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I have a fic tugging at my sleeve that I really should be seeing to at the moment, but every time I give it the satisfaction of turning my attention to it it squeals with glee and dashes out of reach again; so I suppose I'll take a moment away from that vexation and take a moment to write up a proper profile. A proper fan fiction aficionado should have a proper profile, yes? What's that, you say? Fan fiction isn't proper? Well... fuck.

The Walking Dead has reignited a love for fan fiction that I haven't felt since Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on the air and FanFiction.net was a joke (sorry, admins. Facts is facts).

Caryl is a THING! One day I'll burn myself out on The Walking Dead and take a scenic walk through Game of Thrones fic. One day... maybe.

The Walking Dead Ships:
Caryl (Carol/Daryl)
Carick (Carol/Rick)
Michandrea (Michonne/Andrea)

These are just the ones that I'm most partial too. I'm a pretty open minded lady though, and certainly won't turn my nose up at a good Rickyl (Rick/Daryl), or whatever the hell they call it when Daryl and Glenn bone, or... you know... give each other flowers, or whatever those two get up to when the sun goes down.

And Shane and Rick. Don't Shane and Rick get a cute name...?

I use dialogue as a crutch, and it makes it really hard to write laconic characters, but I keep trying. I'm also trying to improve my sequencing.

Praise me!

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