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Hey! So I thought I should give my profile a little update considering nothing but my age has been changed on it since I started Fanfiction.

Okay. So I'm 17 and I live in Northern Ireland. I love to travel although so far I have only been to Spain, France, Wales and Scotland. Not great. I plan on heading out to Africa next summer, to help with buildings and water supplies, something I've always dreamed of doing. I also hope to visit Rome some time soon.

When I was younger I hated reading, fell into the lowest reading group in school and had to redo the reading list because I refused to complete the books. Then I started High School and reading became a way to escape from the pressure and stress. The Alex Rider series were the first books I ever completed and I fell in love with them, which soon lead to me falling in love with the Percy Jackson books.

I started writing for myself when I was around 12 when my life took a bit of a downturn, it provided me with a way to escape. It still does. I know my writing isn't the best out there but I love doing it so I decided to give FanFiction a try.

Reading and writing are my favourite things in the world but sometimes I do feel down and the words just won't write themselves so there can be big gaps in my writing but I will always finish my stories.

I'm a huge superhero nerd, my friends hate it and I've roped my four year old brother into loving them as well (my mother is even starting to watch the movies). I love photography and I'm a little on the quiet side but I like a night out with friends.

Favourite television shows: Young Justice, NCIS, Smallville, Arrow, The Flash

Favourite authors: James Patterson, Anthony Horowitz, Andrew Lane, Michael Morpurgo, Damian Dibben and Rick Riordan


A Normal Life?-- completed

This Is My Life-- more chapters to come

Trust-- In Progress

Update- October

Hey guys, I understand that a lot of you are patiently waiting for an update on Trust and I appreciate the support. There will be another chapter! However (I know I hate the word too) due to a night out my world has done a 180 turn and I need some time to come to terms with events that have left me with serious night terrors, fears and injuries, this makes it very hard to concentrate. Writing has always been my escape and this is something I cant hide from.

Update- March

Heyyyy guys *hides* haha you noticed I was gone did you. Well I do have a good excuse and I won't bore you with the details you aren't interested in but I do want to get this off my chest before I start to write again. So in October I went out with a few friends and ended up in a distressing situation. I was assaulted and since then I seem to have lost all my creativity. The physical wounds have healed to scars but the mental wounds have only started to slowly but carefully stich themselves back together. My point being guys that 'NO MEANS NO' I know we hear it all the time but apparently some people haven't learned what it means, so if you're out and see an overly drunk, stupid teenager help a sister OR brother out and make sure they don't wander off by themselves. Take their phone and text one of their friends if you have too even their parents if they can't stand straight because you could be saving them from a lifetime full of regret and emotional pain. Stay safe guys, Robin Rider xxx

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