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La Li ho all my shiny shiny no na da's!

Hey, this is Ryuichi, and my lovely partner is the Sweet Shuichi!

We love anime! Especially the hot and fruity kind!

Well our fan fics are fruity goodness, wrapped in sweet innocence! They will make you shine! Shiny shiny Shuichi shiny shiny ta dah!

Yuki says* " Their fan fics are different, but stiil crap. I'm never wrong." *grabs a can of beer and a cig...and passes out on the couch*

Awwww he's so nice! I think..._

Anyways, read and review children, or Mr. K will be coming after you, and give you to Nittle Grasper! Then Tohma will have you run over with a car! Then Yuki will run over you repeatedly, then beat you up. Then ASK will have a special photo session in the alley with you!

Now go buy some Popsi at Zenny's now. Then drive back home in your new Mitsubibi!

8/11/04 Shuichi: Okay I swear to post something by the end of this week cuz a person leaving feedback made me happy ^-^ Fook yesh.

And our new AIM for AOL are--we love messages ^^

Shuichi: pockylovingshu
Ryuichi: ShankieBear or pikapikaryu


Ello this is Ryu here, I removed all my stories, because I now have them up on devient art and I am contemplating making a site of my own w/ all my various crap. Well see what comes of that..XD Anyhoo it was fun while it lasted. Ja ne

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