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June 3, 2012

I am older than most here, and am an aspiring author. I am a fan of Criminal Minds, LOTR, Doctor who, torchwood .. and also a fan of R.A Salvatore, dark elf trilogy, if you haven't read it, give it a go, you'll love it. I believe a story should have humor in it and I hope I haven't gone overboard at times... but it also needs to have an emotional influence and mean something. Because all writing should have a human factor, so the reader can feel something for the character, to connect with it. I myself am for the underdog, the one who is kicked around until they have had enough and then strikes back, when he thought he had nothing left to give.

I work on original stuff as well, which is mostly fantasy, or science fiction, which I have recently just started back into. I can be found at , which I have some of my original work. I also write a bit of poetry, which is easy for me.

Some of my favorite things are:

Writing, reading and reviewing. Love to talk to people with same interest. Can be found on Live Journal, I have the same pen name over there, as this site doesn't have all I am looking for. I am really into Criminal Minds and I almost just read that as of now.

Things I don't like:

Mary Sue's...I don't see why one of the characters would visit me, so I prefer not to read that.

Someone who flames a work, criticism is fine because anyones work can be better... especially those who nit pick grammer, I will usually ignor slight grammer problems if the story has a heartfelt, or compelling line. After all, I would rather read a good story with a few errors, than a story with no errors that was not very good in keeping true to itself.

Thanks for reading... Now back to reading...and writing... and reviewing.

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