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The differences between devilzxknight86's Namikaze of Cloud and my The Maelstrom Saga; on devilzxknight86's Namikaze of Cloud:

· The Haruno councillor was Sakura's mother (NoC), rather than her aunt (TMS).

· Kushina was called the heiress of Whirlpool (NoC), rather than princess of Whirlpool.

· Minato was not Tobirama Senju's grandson.

· Fugaku Uchiha wanted to adopt Naruto out of unholy reason just like Danzo.

· Fugaku was involved in the Namikaze-Hyuuga Incident.

· The Uchiha Massacre wiped out the clan down to 2 people- Sasuke and Mikoto, and hence No Uchiha Corps.

· There was no Kumo Jutsu Acquisition Unit.

· Yugito Nil was the headmaster of the Slave and Breeding program, hence Naruto didn't have jinchuuriki-sibling relationship with the Nibi jinchuuriki. Also she didn't have negative feeling towards the program.

· Fu didn't come to Konoha as Naruto's jinchuuriki replacement.

· There is no Crimson Contingency and no AK-16 assault-kunai crossbow invention in Konoha in response to the Namikaze-Hyuuga Incident.

· Devilzxknight86 had that Samui and Karui was assigned by the Raikage to watch Naruto, but I had Naruto used distraction tactic by reading smuts to divert their attention.

· Naruto didn't take Kurotsuchi and 2 OCs- an Iwa girl and a Kiri girl (who was Mei Terumi's cousin) on a slave pretext to protect them.

· Naruto didn't visit Uzushio, hence no Arashi katana and the Reclaimer ruby.

· Naruto didn't meet Honoka and Tayuya.

· There is no "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" movements.

· Naruto impregnated Hinata.

· There is no Shadow Legion technique.

· Naruto didn't seal B, Yugito and his other friends into another dimension to avoid fights with them.

· No epic fight between Naruto and the Raikage (B was too far away to aid his brother), and no great destruction on the Kumogakure.

· Naruto only paralysed the Golden Horn Force rather than killed them.

· Naruto didn't torture and maim the doctors of the Breeding project.

· Naruto salted the Kumo rice fields, rendering the land unfarmable, which I think unnecessary and I didn't add.

· Only Naruto and Hinata left a Lightning port directly to Wave County without anyone (ie Honoka and Tayuya and Water girls), while others left for Earth Country.

· Naruto didn't prank the Raikage by giving a huge dose of female hormone pills, that gave him boobs and feminine voice.

· Naruto didn't fund and arm Zabuza, and hence didn't form an alliance with the Kiri resistance.

· Minato's house wasn't burnt down by a desperate Hyuuga father.

· Hizashi Hyuuga didn't have a daughter, who was Neji's sister.

· Hinata didn't take the Chunin Exam; she was directly promoted to chunin rank.

· Konoha didn't form the elite Raider platoon, that was trained by Naruto, who had the Kumo Golden Horn Force experience.

· Naruto antagonized almost everyone in Konoha.

· There is no Neo-Combine, and there is no Battle of the Western Garrison that Kosuke Maruboshi died heroically.

· Suna was allied with Orochimaru against Konoha (same old story), rather than Sky.

· Sasuke received the curse seal from Orochimaru.

· Devilzxknight86's story ends before the Chunin Exam Finals.

· Danzo instigated/accelerated the war by stealing the Kumo crime evidence files that Naruto gave to the Fire News Network. Naruto hoped to broadcast the scandal that would force Kumo surrender to international condemnation.

· Karin wasn't captured and used as a bait by the Combine.

· Neji and Tayuya didn't develop romantic feelings.

The used ideas from the adopted original devilzxknight86's Namikaze of Cloud:

· There is a civilian part in the Konoha Council. (A mistake).

· Hiashi Hyuuga adopted Naruto.

· Kumo kidnapped Naruto and Hinata successfully with the helps of Hyuuga elders and civilian councillors.

· Hinata was sent to the Slave and Breeding project before being picked by Naruto.

· Naruto was trained by B, and met Kurama during the Turtle Island trip.

· Naruto's friendship with Omoi.

· Omoi's desire to have a slave that looked like Samui with big boobs.

· Naruto picked up Hinata as his slave by pretending to have some fox characters due to accessing the Kyuubi's chakra. It convinced the Raikage and B.

· Samui and Karui was assigned by the Raikage to watch Naruto.

· The hospital health examination and the harassment on Hinata.

· Naruto and Hinata took the growth acceleration drug.

· Naruto destroyed the Kumo military installations, and sterilized half the Kumo population.

· Naruto and the group used a secret tunnel to escape Kumo.

The removal of the term "Gori" on The Maelstrom Saga.

As a result of a few 'heated' reviews that I received, I have removed the 'Gori' term from The Maelstrom Saga. This was done in order to avoid further misunderstandings during a moment when racial tensions are very high in the world.

However, I feel like I should explain my usage of the term…

"Gori" is the Japanese word for gorilla. The term is inspired from a manga and anime called Slam Dunk, which was featured in 1990s. It was an extremely popular high school basketball manga. In fact it was as popular as Dragon Ball at that time.

The protagonist Hanamichi Sakuragi, called his basketball team captain Takenori Akagi "gori." But this was due to the fact that Akagi was 196cm tall and very strong, in fact he was considered the best center in the Kanagawa Prefecture.

Even the other team members including those on bench as backup, secretly called the captain gori as well. There is even a "Gorilla Slam Dunk!" term that the whole team cheered aloud when their captain performed a unique powerful slam dunk.

I love to use quotes from movies, video games and manga I like. True that the gori term on The Maelstrom Saga is pejorative, I had Naruto nickname the Raikage gori not only due to his immense physical presence, also the latter’s heinous crimes on the Namikaze-Hyuuga Incident and the Kumo Slave and Breeding Program.

I dislike the canon Fourth Raikage because of his actions and behaviours, not his skin colour.

The canon Hyuuga Affair disgusts me. Kumo used the peace settlement as ruse to kidnap Hinata, then they had the gall to demand Hiashi's death/body, despite it's the Cloud at fault in the first place. It's much worse than the Tragedy of Yosuga Pass that Iwa ninjas back-stabbed Mist ninjas to recover scrolls and secrets from Kumo (them again!). The betrayal was orchestrated by the Third Tsuchikage, but Onoki later apologized for it.

The Fourth Raikage's behaviour at the Kage Summit, he was pointing finger at everyone as if Kumo was the "good guy."

I'm an Asian-Australian who immigrated to Australia in 1980s. I too have experienced racism and understand it.

I consider myself fair and just, so please understand that calling the Raikage “gori” was based on his size, strength, and villainy. It was not used to disparage a person due to their ethnicity. If Naruto calling the Raikage gori is based on skin colour and racism, then why didn’t I have Naruto call B, Darui, Omoi, Karui other dark-skinned Kumo ninjas names?

Not to mention unlike many authors here, I don’t bash characters like Sasuke and Sakura and the Uchiha clan. I am neutral to the Uchiha clan but I don’t bash them.

Anyway, I removed the gori term to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding. I believe in the ideals and values of Martin Luther King Jr. In which that that we judge people on their actions, not the colour of their skin.

So, I hope that you understand my points and let us move past this incident in a dignified and rational manner.

Thank you for your continued support.

Manga Slam Dunk and Naruto

I find Slam Dunk has a striking resemblance to manga Naruto:

Sakuragi has red-dyed hair, loud, obnoxious, best stamina, often called "idiot" by his rival- Kaede Rukawa.

Sakuragi's crush Haruko Akagi, who was also the captain’s younger sister, liked his rival- Kaede Rukawa.

Kaede Rukawa was considered a basketball prodigy, handsome and had lots of fangirls. He, however, was NOT a team-player, even other high school teams consider him self-centred.

Don’t you feel Slam Dunk has a very similar character setting with manga Naruto?

This was why I wanted to use the “gori” term.

BTW Slam Dunk manga ended before Naruto first chapter was published.

Masami Kishimoto an A-class Manga Artist, not S-class

Osamu Tezuka (1928 - 1989) and Fujio F Fujiko (1933 - 1996) are considered S-class manga artists IMO, these two did lots of manga back in the 1970s and 1980s. They created the utmost foundation of the Japanese manga industry.

Tezuka is the "God of Manga" and the "Father of Manga" in the Japanese manga industry. He authored lots famous manga such as Astro Boy and Black Jack.

Fujiko authored one of the most famous manga- Doraemon.

Both authors strongly emphasized responsibility and consequences on their works, telling readers that actions have consequences.

Just like the movie industry, commercial success that makes lot of money doesn't make you one of the best authors. There are several reasons I don't consider Masashi Kishimoto an S-rank manga author:

First, there is no conclusion for many characters such as Mei Terumi and Shizune, who both wanted a husband respectively. Same to Kakashi and Gai, they could settle down and have a family of their own.

It disgusts me when Naruto kneed and bowed to the Raikage begging to spare Sasuke, not knowing the potential dangerous consequence for Konoha, at least his friends. Did Kishimoto forget about the Hyuuga Affair? Kishimoto forced this idea that Naruto didn't give up a lost cause, namely Sasuke. This is unrealistic but this is Kishimoto's plot shield that was used many times.

Someone on FanFiction wrote a Fandom story about this event, Naruto's foolishness and a plausible consequence which is very dark.

Sasuke Uchiha got off scot-free after the Ninja World War 4, for his crimes in Iron Country and kidnapping Killer B.

Same goes for Kabuto Yakushi, who sacrificed lots of people to create his Edo-Tensei army in the war.

Naruto called Obito a "cool guy" who was responsible for many bad things: the Kyuubi's Attack that killed many people including his parents, the Mist genocide, killing jinchuurikis, starting World War 4 and killing many more people.

The manga is called "Naruto," but it focuses too much on Sasuke and the Uchiha clan, and not much on the Senju and the Uzumaki clans. Kishimoto made the Uchiha clan over-powered. Perhaps the manga should be renamed "I, Uchiha."

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