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We're gonna get weird with it.

Heyo, my name is LooseGazpacho. I like writing crossover fics, especially the bizarre ones. I'm also an avid fan of aviation, history, entertainment stuff and more. My favorite aircraft of all time is F-15E Strike Eagle. For fandoms, I'm in a few of them. I just write what I wanna write.

Reviews are appreciated

Stories in progress:

Bowser's Skeletal Extravaganza (Chapter 15 is out! Resumed!)

Echo in Dream Land (Hiatus)

Dangan-pinguino (2nd arc near completion, mentioned on TV Tropes!)

Miasma of Status (fresh story! On going, now wanna see what people think of it).

Starlight Saga (On pause)

Phantom's Symphony (On pause)

I hope one day my stories will get some recognition, be it actually liked or infamously bad. (Tv tropes page would be nice actually, I would like to see that)

I have multiple projects planned and I wanna make them real for once, even if it takes me 100 years.

Phantom's Symphony, Bowser's Skeletal Extravaganza and Dangan-Pinguino are connected stories.

One offs:

-Prologue to Starlight

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