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Hello! Welcome to my Profile of random stuff!

Well I don't have a whole lot to say, but I love video games, anime, manga, books, and writing fanfiction of course.

My favorite game series is Kingdom Hearts and Riku is my favorite character in it (obviously).

I got a lot of various stories, mostly Kingdom Hearts, but I got some other things too.

Some animes that I like: Soul Eater, Pokémon, Yu Gi Oh, Yu Gi Oh 5Ds, Dragon ball, Dragonball Z, Dragon ball Gt, Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, Kamigami No Asobi, Fruits Basket, No Game No Life, Blue Exorcist, K, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet...there is so more, just can't think of them now.

Co-Authors (that I write with or have written with before)

Hika-Neko-Chan: 2 stories with her on my page(The Pokemon Curse and Spun through the Web of Time). And over on her page she has 2 other co-writes with me.

Holden Skyler: 2 stories with her (Animated to Life and The Battle of Lights and Darks). Holden does have some stories on her page (one is a cowrite with me), so check her out!

TheDeadGirlRisen: 1 story with her (Souls of the Heart). She has a lot of stories on her profile of a lot of different things, so be sure to check them out!

The Taios:1 story with him. (Those Who Lie in Darkness). He has a few stories on his page, but they are older stories from years ago.

tmart.x13: 2 stories with him hre (A Single Change. A Change of Fate), and on his pages we have 3 stories, so go and check those out!

veronica.toon.7:1 story with her (When she Bumped into Us). She also has a ton of stories on her profile page!

WingBladeWeaver1357: 1 story with her (Knights of Kings). Wing is another one who has a tone of stories, so check it all out!

A little about the status of each story and how I feel with some of them

A Change of Fate: Final Fantasy 7 fanfic co written with tmart.x13. This is our second FF7 fanfic we are working on. This time its a fanfic with time travel and all that, but also a lot of fluff and good feels.

A Fox, a Hound, and Deer: COMPLETED. It took me a while cause at first I didn't have both movies on DVD. Now I do have them both to use as reference and now I have done what I could to finish it.

A Heartache of Forgotten Memories: COMPLETED. It's my first real story that is completed. I enjoyed writing it and I am glad people enjoyed reading it.

A Single Change: Final Fantasy 7 story co-written with tmart.x13. It all started actually from a random scene in a dream I had. It was random and stuff, but we managed to think of a idea to loosely base off it and we went with it. It is also a very wordy per chapter story lol.

A Wolf Among Chocobros: A Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 15 crossover idea I had. Just mostly for the fun of interactions and Cloud hanging out with the guys.

Always By Your Side: Big Hero 6 fanfic that is actually surrounding the BH6 Manga cause there are some things in there that I really love and I thought of a "What if" idea and I really wanted to play with it. So now I started that and so it will go along with the manga and stuff but I will be playing with the concept that I came up with.

Animated to Life: Started this way back in 2014 with Holden Skyler and it hasn't been updated since 2014. We got to busy with school, life and other stories and forgot about it. We plan to return to it, but we are going to completely rewrite it, since it has been almost 4 years now. We are gong to change a few things with the story and other stuff, but we will keep up the original version so you can see the differences and such things. I don't know when we are going to get to writing it, but it will eventually happen.

Axel the Vampire: A really strange random story that started off from some conversation back in 2015. Somehow with that story I wrote and posted 8 chapters withing several months, and had a 9th chapter which I written a while back but hadn't posted 'till a little while back. I probably will continue it eventually, I just gotta remember where I was going with it and all that stuff.

Axel's Little Shadow: Currently my most popular story. This one also started back in 2014 but I have manged to keep it running. I still am working on this one and I know where I am going with it. I just gotta get to writing it.

Blinded by the Light: A Kingdom Hearts story that I thought of a while ago, but never got around to writing. Finally decided just to start it and get a bit of work done on it.

Dark Secrets: DISCONTINUED. A old Minecraft co-write with TheDeadGirlRisen that started at the end of 2013 and was last updated in 2014. I haven't heard from them in a long time, and since the story is very old I don't think it will ever be continued.

Demyx and the Water Nymph: A story that started from a image created in a avatar creator. I do plan to finish it one day, I just am having a hard writers block with it. This one will be on hold for a while probably until I can get back into writing this story.

Hair Dye: COMPLETED. My most comical story. Started from me photoshoping Kingdom Hearts characters hair colors. It took me about 3 years, but I did it and finished it. And boy did that last chapter get longer than I thought haha.

Half of a Heartless: COMPLETED. A story that was created back in 2014 out of no where. My 2014 brain just thought of it and thought it would be cool and I wrote without really planning anything. I have recently started thinking about it again and I got ideas for it. I have completed it now of course and I still can't believe I did it, but I am happy to have finished it.

Halloween Treats: ON HIATUS. A new concept I was trying where each chapter was something of a oneshot, though some chapters were part 2s to previous. Didn't get it finished in October so I am saving till next year.

Everlasting Nightmare: COMPLETED. A Soranort oneshot based on art and comics from Tumblr user chachacharlieco and their comic called "Nightmare". It's just a oneshot, but I may add more eventually. I have a idea, but I would need to think more on it. But I am happy with the one shot as I liked creating the imagery for the story.

For Heart and Home: A cute little idea I came up with out of no where. I wanted to write a cuter story but also still have that angst here and there so I created this cute little story of Vanitas being a big brother to Sora and Xion.

If It Had Been The Other: Newer idea that started just from me drawing. Crazy idea that still hasn't left my head. Currently working on it, but need to go and check things in the manga and novels for info.

Into the Unknown: COMPLETED. A Kingdom Hearts story for the month of MerMay. I am a random person. I like mythical creatures of all kinds and remembering it was MerMay, I got the random idea to write a story with merpeople. So I thought I would try to write a story since it is MerMay. Took me longer than just within May, but I did finish it!

It Was All A Dream: COMPLETED. It is one of my more popular ones. Took me forever to get through it, but I did do it at least and figured out a ending for it.

Kilala in Kingdom Hearts: A concept I had been wanting to write for a while ever since I found the Kilala Princess manga. This one is mostly easy to write (since it follows the KH2 storyline), but it just takes a while to get through and write it all. I am going to continue it though.

Kimi: The Vulpix Keyblade Wielder: Another story from 2014 that started pretty much out of no where. It follows the KH1 storyline...but I really had no idea where I was going with it. I will work on it once I plan stuff out for it.

Knights of Kings: DISCONTINUED. A Kingdom Hearts crossover with K that was a co-write with WingBladeWeaver1357. It's been so long since that story and now we probably won't go back to it. We never really planned all that much for it and various other things. We have talked over it, but we just can't get back into it. Sorry about that.

Leading a Heart Home: A post Kingdom Hearts 3 story. Cause I love the Riku Replica just as much as the real Riku. And I wanted to give him a chance to live. And also my longest one shot at 5000 words. But now I have made it not a one shot cause I thought I really could expand on it and everything.

Lost in the Darkness: A story using one of my favorite OC's: Xavier. I plan to get back to it, but I am also at a block with this story too.

Misplaced Memories: Another of my popular stories. Concept created when explaining and talking to a friend about Kingdom Hearts. I really wanna work on this one, but working out the story is the hardest thing for this. Since it's a AU it had to have a lot of thought put into it and planning things out so they work.

Nightmares: DISCONTINUED. Another story from the good old 2014 brain. Back when Five Night At Freddy's was popular and stuff. By now I have grown out of the FNAF hype and stuff, so I doubt I will be continuing this.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rainbow: DISCONTINUED. The first real story that I ever posted. But that was way back in 2013, and I have majorly improved my writing since then. I plan to one day go back and revise it. It will just be going back and writing something in a stronger way and fixing typos and other things. It won't happen soon, but in the future it will happen. Hopefully.

Riku vs Topaz: DISCONTINUED. Another co-write with TheDeadGirlRisen. It only has one chapter and I think was meant to have more, but we never got to it. So I guess it could just count as a one-shot. But there won't be any more of it.

Scarred Memoires: A Big Hero 6 story that came up when I was thinking about the movie. Hiro was very close to the building when it exploding and looked perfectly find afterwards. So I thought... why not be my angsty usual self and do something about that. So this is one of my more angst and serious stories as I dip into though deep subjects and all that stuff.

Scars: DISCONTINUED. Another FNAF story back when it was still popular. This one is based off the human fanart versions of the characters because my 2015 brain thought it was super cool. I was trying to make that story a darker story...but I never got to it. And again I am not really into FNAF anymore...so I don't really think I will be continuing it.

School Life and Organization XIII: A story I was writing for my friend Holden Skyler. I used a lot of OC's (though it still was going to have a bunch of KH characters later on) because I wanted to try and have a story where people could have their OC in the story. I had a few people give me their OC's...but it's been so long I have lost the info I had for that. I am planning on returning to it...just gotta deiced if I wanna do the OC's thing again or just create my own for the story

Shattered Dream: COMPLETED. A Kingdom Hearts one shot I had while I was thinking about the sad fate of the Riku Replica. Still saddens me today so oppose to my Repliku lives "Leading A Heart Home" AU, this one shot is more of what I believe would have happened in canon.

Souls of the Heart: Kingdom Hearts co-write with TheDeadGirlRisen. After getting her into KH we decided to try and figure out a story we could write together that was Kingdom Hearts. I had a small idea and I told it to her and it spawned into this story. We planned it out and have it split up into different arcs. The first arc of course is being Sora's childhood. But we have so much more for it and I am excited to see where we go with it.

Spun Through the Web of Time: Co-written with Hika-Neko-Chan. Started in 2014 and still going on. It just took a long time because I hit a major wall with it and had a hard time thinking of how the story would go and also life got in the way too. We have been getting back to it and are still working on it.

The Battle of the Lights and Darks: Co-written with Holden Skyler. Started way back in 2014...maybe even it started at the end of 2013...I can't remember at this point. It started before Animated to Life though. It was originally written in script form...and it was really really silly. Holden and I plan to go back to it one day...but we are going to majorly revise it. This one will not be posted as a new story once the revision is done, it will copy over the old one.

The Forgotten Truth: A story concept once again from the good old 2014. I really like this idea I had for the story...but I just got so stuck with the story...but I am going back and rethinking my ideas for some stuff. I think once I get past a certain scene I will be okay...but for now I'm still to this day having trouble writing the next chapter, but I am working on it.

The Legend of Herobrine: The third actually story I ever posted. The last chapter I wrote for it could serve as a ending, but I rememeber I had planned to write more. So for now it could be done...but I will go back, fix up some typos and other things, and continue it one day.

The Pokemon Curse: Co-written with Hika-Neko-Chan. One of the largest stories (by words and chapters), and still being worked on. We have a layout/plan for the story, but we just gotta find time to write together. I get a little bit of writer's block sometimes with this story, we get to parts where we just don't know where to go and it's hard to move on. But we are working on it!

The Random Moogle Conversation: COMPLETED. The first thing I ever posted...It's not really a fully technical fanfic...just random Moogle stuff. But it's completed at least.

The Spectacular Spider-Man and Static Shock Holiday Special: COMPLETED. Crossover of The Spectacular Spider-Man and Static Shock. I original had this idea all the way back in 2017. And I had planned to write it all out and post it over Christmas time of 2017. But these were medias I had never written before and I was unsure how to go about it. So it was put on hold for a while until fall of 2018. By then I had rewatched both shows and got a good feel for both the characters. I had again planned to post over Christmas time and I started doing that but had gotten delayed. But I did finally manage to finish it a month later at least.

The Sun and the Moon: Another story with a random idea I came up with one day. I am still thinking about this story...It may end up being a short story, only having a few chapters. I need to reread it and think about it again before doing anything with it though.

The Twilight Mansion Curse: This one KH story I really got into writing for. I just came up with the concept one day of some spooky mystery type story and it became what it is. And I am so surprised in myself how much I have written for it. I really do love this story a lot for the world I have built for it and all that.

Those Who Lie in Darkness: This is a story I have had for a long while. A KH crossover with FF4. It is a co-write with The Taios. I just have been wanting to write this for a long while, as I love both KH and FF4 and I have always seen similarities in characters and such.

We're Friends Now, Got It Memorized?: A story concept I really enjoy. I really got some great ideas for this and I am currently working on it. But just like the story Misplaced Memories, it takes a lot of work because it's a AU that changes things up in the KH timeline.

When She Bumped Into Us: A co-write with veronica.toon.7. It has been a long time and I am unsure if we will get the chance to write together again. I also have not heard from them in a long while. So this story is on long-term Hiatus until we figure things out.

Yu Gi Oh Zexal Between 4 Worlds: DISCONTINUED. Another story back from 2013. The second actual story I ever posted. I never really liked Yu Gi Oh Zexal all that much yet I for some reason wrote this fanfic...I cannot remember my full reasoning why I wanted to...but I made it rather complicated. If I ever do decided to come back to this (once many of the other stories are done) I will rewrite a lot of it, not just because it's from 2013...but also change the story and various other things.

So here is the thing. I am in college now. College is really tough for me and stuff. And there are other life things I am dealing with.

Recently I have been going through various stories and doing my best to update them, but some of them I original wrote with no idea where I wanted it to go, so it takes some thinking to figure some stuff out. Sometimes i look back on older stories I started but never continued and I just ask myself "Why did I write this?..." (An example is Scars)
As seen above there are still many of my stories I want to write but I still have big writers block for some of them, and I just can't write anything for them.

I think my biggest problem is I keep creating so many stories though XD
I start to write one story and then I get an idea for a new story, so I start that, sometimes forgetting about the first story. Then there is the time I get big writers block for a story or two and so I deiced to write a new story because I would rather post something than nothing. So yeah I tend to keep writing a lot of stories, but then sometimes I just get real bust with college, life, and stuff and I just never can get around to writing anything.
But I am going to try my best to update any story I can, when I can. Recently I have been updating several of my stories, so that's a good thing. Still got a lot more to get to though, but I am trying my best!

Thanks for checking out my profile page and I hope you enjoy my stories!

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