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Hmm,lessee. I like old TV Shows and I will watch Knight Rider, Emergency!, the Rockford Files, Starsky and Hutch, Doctor Who (the fourth Doctor still reigns) and the old Star Trek at the drop of the hat. I love NCIS and have started watching the Legend of the Seeker lately. Live action Fantasy has come a long ways from goofy costumes and cheesy special effects but you have to admit the creativity found in the older shows is what makes them special. And (gasp!) swearing is NOT required to be funny!!

For my inner child I prefer Anime since most modern U.S. cartoons are exercises in how to imitate a coma. I Like all the G-boys, Slayers (Gourry's pretty cool even if he's not with it) Macross 7 (why doesn't anyone appreciate Gamlin? He kicks more butt than anyone and he's a really great guy) and Flame of Recca (cool moves). I used to read a LOT, must have my suspense, and never thought I'd make much of a writer or even really tried until now. Gundam Wing can be sooo inspiring...(now is my cue to laugh my head off... aint humans funny?)

Lately I've also gotten into Naruto, it's a great series I recommend to anyone who likes action and apretty good story line too. Kakashi rocks!

I am also into Martial Arts. I take lessons in Karate and wish I could learn Savate, Kung Fu and maybe a bit of Jujitsu and Aikido :) I love watching Jackie Chan do Drunken Boxing but I hate liquer so I wouldn't be any good at it:):):)

For those who are interested, Catching the Past is complete but Escaping the Past is on hold until further notice.I simply cannot make the story go where I want it to and I'm thinking I may have to start all over again... if and when I can squeeze in the time wah!

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