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Hi! Happy New Year!! I'm WritingMiss8 but you can call me Ann. Welcome to Fanfiction!! Here you will find the best of the best stories by some of the best of the best writers. I came across Fanfic 10 or so years ago one day when I was bored. I wasn't happy with how Twilight Breaking Dawn ended,the book not the movie but I needed more... I wanted to read more of Edward and Reneesme because neither the book nor the movie gave them enough of a bond. So with that I came across a story called,"Tiara", by a writer named SydneyAlice and thus started my addiction.

I feel like I grew up on here because I started reading when I was 13 or 14 and now I'm 24 of course I didn't create my own account till I was 16 or 17 but that doesn't matter I have so many memories from this alone. I guess in a way I did grow up on here. I'm happy I did but in a way I'm not because well... I could have spent my time doing other things instead of reading about them. Oh well what's done is done now I'm just here for the ride.

Here's the thing I deleted all the old stories I used to love because I'm not a big fan of them anymore but the writers are fantastic! I first started reading Twilight Edward/Bella and Vampire Academy Rose/Dimitri but I'm not into them anymore. I still read Twilight Fanfiction's but not of Edward and Bella I mainly read BellaCarlisle, BellaJasper, BellaAro BellaSeth or BellaDimitri. Now those are my favorite couple's!! I also don't read Vampire Academy anymore but I read TRUE BLOOD. I am so obsessed with Eric Northman and Godric they are such fine specimen. My new love is Alexander Skarsgard he is so handsome!!Heart eyes. I could talk and look at him for hours.

I am also not on team vampire anymore sorry Eric! I spent the better part of my teenage years wanting to be a vampire I'm also not a werewolf fan but I'm more leaning towards that way because I would still be able to eat food! I am such a food lover! Now I would love to be a fairy because they can still eat food and kick some major but!

I really hope I haven't bored y'all yet? I promise I will get to the good stuff now!

I am currently in college trying to get my Associate's in Social Work I'm not sure how far I want to go yet or what kind of Social Worker I want to be all I know is I want to help out where ever I am needed whether that be with babies and kids or helping teenagers get their GED to helping homeless families get on their feet.

My favorite color is Maroon or Red I love both. As far as movies and T.V shows go I love sitcoms like Big Bang Theory,Orange Is The New Black,True Blood,Mom,The Kings Of Queens,My Two Dad's, Welcome Back Kotter,Saved By The Bell and Full House. I don't really have one kind of favorite music genre I listen to it all from Christain to Rock,Pop, Hip Hop,Reggae and Country. I just heard Miley's new album Plaasic Hearts and man it's one of her best albums yet!! If you ever go and listen, listen to Angels Like You. I mainly watch YouTube now I love family channels but that's enough about me if you want to know more just message me.

Lastly I know you have noticed that I haven't written my own stories yet and that's because I've loved just reading them but I've had a few good stories pop into my head over the years and to be on the look out because I'm working on 2 of them but it's gonna take a while because my brain won't focus and I don't have the motivation but let's hope by February or late February I will put something out! Cheers!

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