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About me!

Hello everyone, My name is Heather aka petrynronlover. I am the author of an, what i think, is an amazing series. Right now i am 21 years old turning .I am a college student majoring in vocal music. I plan to become a chorus teacher when i get my B.A. in Music Education for vocal music. In my spare time i like to hang with friends, go to the movies, go shopping, dating, singing, playing my piano, and of course writing. I have been writing my series since i was 15 years old. Throughout the stories you get a sense of my writing getting better. Mostly because i am getting older and getting more practice in writing. I had a beta reader who helped me with my stories for a long time. A writer for fanfiction really bonds with their beta reader so i want to thank her ever so much for betaing for me for a few years. I do have a new beta reader who is amazing as well. She's is a really big help so i want to thank her as well.

I just LOVE reviews... To me a review is the best part about writing my stories. When i get a good review i feel like i accomplished something. When i get a bad review it just pushes me to want to do better with my writing. There is one reviewer that i personaly look forward to reading her reviews. They are tuff and honest and make me actually think about my story. I feel without reviewers like that my writing would never get better. I try to never let a review go unreplyed to. So chances are if you review i send you at least a little thank you. I tend to write full paragraphs to my readers who review. I just get so excited about reviews. So i want to thank my Reviewers for helping me with my stories. I LOVE MY REVIEWERS!! MUAHH !!

Well i hope you read my stories and enjoy them. I look forward to reading many many reviews in the future.

Thanks for Reading!!


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