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There are a few things that piss me off when they come to cross overs. But the main one is canon. If your going to do a crossover change the canon in accordance with the character you use!! There is a thing called the butterfly effect, and not a lot of authors use it. There are some authors who do this perfectly and then there are the idiots who leave the fucking plot the same!! Change it!! It doesn't have to be much, it could be a small piece at the start that will affect something later major or minor later on. Don't make it the same that's the whole point of fanfiction.

Now my second pet hate about most authors is not changing the personality of people according to the changes of their background. If they grow up in an abusive home then there going to be submissive and latch onto their first friend and look at their saviour like they are God. But if you change their upbringing then change their personality as well. Don't leave it the same cause then that would be fucked up. To all those people who complain about a character not having the same personality then that is probably due to something happening in their childhood that changed it. So shut the fuck up. The same thing would happen to you if you were brought up a different way.

Why do you authors find enjoyment in blurting out characters secrets for!! "Oh hey guys I'm a time travel from the future and I'm going to tell you guys because I can't keep a secret to save my life." Or "Hey funny thing is I'm not from this world...I know crazy right so I'm going to tell you because like my time traveling friend I can't keep a secret because herp a derp." Fucking idiots come on people will either think your crazy or will have scientists perform experiments on you.

Now I'm really annoyed that as readers we are told that the authors can't do the story right now because they were fucking idiots and don't know what a flash drive is. So when the computer does fuck up they lose everything. Like seriously how fucking hard is it to save your shit on multiple devices. It will save you the annoyance of losing your shit and having to rewrite it and it will save us your stupidity.

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