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I am a 43 year old otaku from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I work as a utility clerk at a supermarket. I am white, with brown-ish eyes, and dark brown hair.

I am also an old role-player, preferring the Hero System/Champions RPG system.

I miss GenCon, and wish for it's return to, at least Wisconsin.

I also go to, when I can, to Anime Milwaukee convention.

I usually use my Nintendo 3DS to log in. I am trying to figure out how to format the posts so that don't look like all one paragraph.

Roll Playing OC Charater Profile: The South

Universe: Hetalia Axis Powers

Human Name: Belle DeBaton (get it...southern BELLE, and debutan as DeBaton)

Incarnation: The southern united states of america.

Apperant Age: 16 (her real age is over 200 years old).

Occupation: None (Idle Rich/Southern Belle. Former owner of a plantation farm and of slaves, but that was a long time ago).

Apperance: Blue eyes. Long blond hair usaly styled in long tight sausage curls (the length usaly varries from the small of her back to the back of her knees, depending on her mood). Pail skin. Her back is marked with the scars of vareous whippings, cuttings, burrnings, and at least one brand, all caused by her ex-lover (the personification of the Confederate States of America). She usaly wears long dresses to hide them.

Famaly: England (father), America (oldest brother), British Colombia (older sister), Nevada (younger brother), Amelia (niece), Vorkuta (nephew), Washation State (niece), Belarus (ex-sister-in-law, and maybe future sister-in-law), New Orleans (ex-lover, but still close friend) .

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, curently strongly atracted to females.

Status: Single and dating.

Kink: Likes to be bound. Was more open to other kinks in the past, but after the abuse she suffered from Jonny Confederate Reb, bondage is all she can take now.

Relationships: She hates her old boyfriend right now, for the years of abuse. Chances are, if he wasn't killed by Alfred (America), he is probably still alive somewhere. Perhaps he is the mastermind behind the Tea Party movement?

She holds her brother Alfred (America) up as a hero, not just her hero, but a great hero. She wants to be a hero much like him, but alas, she is only a princess.

She is trying to mend fences with Africa. She feels if she can do that, she can put all this nonsense about what she did with Jonny (the old boyfriend) behind her.

Personality: She has, in the past, considered herself a "princess", meaning she was use to getting her own way at things. This changed after she fell in love with the wrong man, and he abused her (it didn't help that he was the personification of the Confederate States Of America). She spent a lot of time crying over how she missed him, to crying over how stupid she was, to hiding because of embarrassment over slavery and the mistreatment of black Americans under her name. Now, she is ready to put all that into the past, and start fresh.

Running Jokes: Her apartment is always locked, but people who are fellow personifications find it easy to enter and leave. She is always complaining about it, but can't seam to stop it.

She owns a car, but can't drive it normally. When she does drive, it is like something out of The Dukes Of Hazard.

Skills/"Powers": She is an excellent cook, specializing in Southern and Southwest style cooking.

If it is a plant which can be grow in the southern climates, she can grow it.

She doesn't know how to drive, but is extremely lucky behind the wheel. When she does drive, it is usually something out of the Dukes of Hazzard TV Show (from the 80's). Her personal car is the Miss Dixie (think "General Lee" in pink, and instead of a confederate flag, a white flag with a yellow rose on it, and all the doors open like normal, no going into or out of windows for anyone).

She can produce a fan or parasol from out of nowhere.

She always knows where the "South" is when she is on Earth, and roughly how far she is from it. (South being the southern part of the United States of America, not the South Pole.)

She somehow always knows what her family is up to, in a generic way. "I always know ma family." This does give her knowledge she shouldn't have, but it is not infallible.

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