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Favorite Books: Harry Potter,Percy Jackosn,Mortal Interments,Gone series

Favorite T.V.Shows: Vampire Diaries,Doctor Who,The Originals,Supernatural,and Glee

Favorite Music: Glee Cast, Darren Chris,A Very Potter Musical Cast


"There is nothing more badass than being who you are."- Darren Criss

"I'll let you in on a little secret,theres a whole world out there waiting for you.Great cities and art and music,genuine beauty and you can have all of it."- Klaus (Vampire Diaries)

"Not all who wonder are lost."-J.RR. Tolkien

"Supermegafoxyawesomehot."-Darren Criss(AVPM)

"Everybody lies."- (House M.D.)

"No one can describe themselves in ten words. Why would we wanna hear anyone else do it?"-Thirteen(House M.D.)

Like having a great ides,life comes at you hits you and tries to escape and be expressed in any way possible. In a way it's a lot like…lightning.Chris Colfer(Struck by Lightning)

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