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I write because it keeps me sane and I read because it is a journey into another place without having to go anywhere. If I put the two together then anything is possible.

Hello! I hope you enjoy the stuff I write. My goal is to entertain and make people happy... well eventually, lol. My stories are full of hurt/comfort and family/friendship feels, with a dash of angst because, well that's just how they tend to turn out.

I take requests for my story, Black & White or The care and keeping of Carlos De Vil. If you have read my work you know that Angst, friendship, family, and hurt/comfort are where I am most comfortable.


Alpha Gamma Discontinued or up for adoption (message me if interested)

Black & White or The care and keeping of Carlos De Vil

-It started with a bad dream (story arc) Chapters 1 -4 -When it rains it storms (story arc) Chapters 5 & 6 - It feels like today's going to be a bad day (one shot) Chapter 7 -Winter BREAK (one shot) Chapter 8 -Hush little baby (story arc) Chapters 9 - 13

This story is also going to be on wattpad in English and Spanish

For English go to Light's Lady, @DraconianRose

For Spanish go to La tinta de una Flor, @valeoreo10

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