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Hey everyone!! I'm Sammy

I've never been good at writing fanfiction/stories but I'm certainly well experienced at reading them.

I seem to always be adding to my list of fanfictions, and at really bad times too. I'll start an entire new series of fanfic right before finals or midterms. But once it's break, it's like I've read everything. Anyway. I don't personally write fanfics, well not yet at least, maybe one day I will... But I definitely encourage others to, so that I can read them. :D

I don't have many TV series, mostly books (although some of the books were made into TV series so theres that...) I don't have many one shots either, so if you're looking for a quick read, there aren't too many... some but not much. I prefer chapter reads because it gets me away from reality the longest :P

Anyway. Kudos to all the writers in my favorite list; you're there for a reason :D I think you're writing is great.

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