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Just started in my first story so if there are any grammar error. Please leave a review or PM so I could look back and fix it.

Story in progress:

Issei Bizarre Advetur

All Issei wanted was a normal life since he strongly believe a normal life is the perfect life. The situation he is in beginning to realize that having a normal life is impossible. Watch as Iseei enter a world that is truly bizarre as he try to find out more about his hidden gift and Stand. Ddraig as Issei Stand.

Coming Soon

The Four Swordsmans

What if Kiba wasn't just the sole survivor of the Holy Sword Project but also Issei, Irina, and Xenovia were survivor too. Watch as these four swordsman on a journey to avenge their fallen brothers and sisters. Issei won't have Ddraig but he has Ascalon.

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