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Author has written 2 Crossover stories of Kingdom and BlazBlue.

Real name: Yeah, not that that easy.

Country: U.S.A.

Age: Why do you want to know?

Gender: Male

Likes (in general)...

Video games, Creepypasta, reading, music, family, and Winter.

Favorite genres on fanfiction...

Comedy, adventure, friendship, and romance.

Favorite Video game series...

Kingdom Hearts

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles



Persona 4 golden

Favorite Anime shows...

Soul Eater


Fairy Tail


One Piece

Attack On Titan

Death Note

Why I joined fanfiction...

I always had great ideas on how to start on series that already happen and never knew how to get them out. When I was born out of my mind on the internet, I search up "Story of Kingdom Hearts" and then it to me to this place. I saw so many different stories that a regular person can, which got me an interest in making my own and now here I am!

Up Coming Series...

Two, but both aren't ready yet and working on the title for it.

OC'S Characters

Name: Xaragn. The real name will not be told yet.

Age: 15

Alliance: Organization XIII

Weapons: a Left arm that has an Azure Grimoire at the inside palm.

Rank: Number XV. 'White Beast'

Appearance before: Blond hair that's long at the back and spiky at the front with silver bangs. Crimson red eye in the left and a green right eye. Red shirt with white lines and zipper. White pant hold by a white belt and red and white shoes. The lower left arm is made of strange pure white material and white bandages wrap around it, has the Nobody symbol on it and an eye-like circle that was close to the palm.

Appearance now: Wears the Organization clothes. In the Military Academy, wear the military's uniform, but cover himself with white bandages that cause his whole body too much darker his and his eye to be deep black, as well as his hair. He covers his right eye with the bandages and his left arm by simply changing its structure to be smaller, causing to be missing his left arm and leave the sleeve dangling, while his hair is tied to a ponytail.

Limit Break:

ZANTESTUKEN BOUNDARY: Sent a stream of whitethorn toward enemy and them to appear behind them. Kick the enemy up into the air and reappear in front of them a few feet and turn left arm to a sword arm and does an 'X' slash at their chest. Once enemy lands back to the ground, body well slowly fade into the Boundary and some parts well turn to hearts that are consumed into the left hand.

BEAST OF AZURE: Sent his opponents up the air as soon their off the ground and appear to deliver his right fist from their back. Then raise his left arm, causing it to split in half till it reaches his upper half of the arm. The spat parts start to become wider, while the fingers of the left arm started to form a beast like a mouth that was similar to the Dusk mouth, without the slider part, while the bandage starts to sprout white spike. The eye found at the palm move to the right and wide open, releasing pure white smoke from before. The left side shows the Nobody's symbol that expanded its top part of the symbol to the arm, while the bottom was used as a left eye. Left-arm bites the opponent in the middle of their body and the fang expands itself where it goes right through their body, and then through then to the ground and cause Xaragn to propel up the air for a little bit

ACHILLES' HEEL: While guarding with his right from any air attacks, Xaragn summon REFLECT with his right arm and drain a large amount of opponents health as soon he places his left arm at the magic barrier. He then causes a rush of white energy pulse towards his left arm toward the shield to form a huge white spike that goes straight into the opponents. As soon the attack hits, the shield well burst and deliver the same damage the attack they were using to hit Xaragn before using this move, sending them flying up the air.

Final limit break: None

Personality: Still new to the Organization XIII not much personality yet. A calm and intelligent person in the most case, other time can get really angry that lose control.

Bio: Unable to knew much on past or much of his home. Only knows that he came from a different world and still have no purpose in life yet. Experience nightmare that connected to his past former life. While not having any weapons, his left arm can turn to a sword version of itself or a beast-like mouth. Spend most time with Vexen and try to ask him for help with his lost memories of himself. Very skilled at magic and very fast learn on the thing he has never seen before, but other times not.

Name: Vuragrena Selkie Foxtail

Age: 10

Alliance: None

Weapons: Bandit King: Fox shape bow strap with a white crystal at its point.

Rank: none

Appearance: Light tan boy. Has a mixture of light purple with blonde bangs that held by a purple headband that had a white fox on it. Has a green fox-like eye. Wears a white and purple fox skin Shorts and matching white and purple fox skin jacket that show his chest and wear a golden crystal that was wrapped around his neck.

Limit Break: Unknown

Final limit break: Unknown

Personality: Pretend to be not intelligent, but is when’ magic’ is mention in a conversation. He spends most of his time being curious of thing that he never saw.

Bio: As a boy, always manage to steal other people belongs some way or other. Excellent in archery and magic. Read books that he finds interesting the category of history, magic, or areas of the world. Besides what he usually does, always have a piece of food hidden somewhere in his pocket.

Name: Royal Royale

Age: 15

Alliance: Heartless

Weapons: Shadow, which is a 8 feet tall humanoid muscular white-black Heartless that has a white-black head with small glowing red eyes that was cover with a black demonic helmet that was shape of a dragon-serpentine beast that was Covered in dozens of twisted, red scarf's cross over the top of its head and wrap around its face while 2 more cross over its neck and upper back and two scarf's cross over its chest with another 2 crossing over from its shoulders and attaching the fifth bandage wrapped to the base of its thick neck. Once CRIMSON DRAGOON SLASH is active, it becomes much larger than before and worn black armor that middle part was the same as the helmet, but more alive than being a helmet. Attach to the back where a black coffin that had pale gold lining surrounded by a large silver chain. On the lower half of the coffin was the Heartless emblem with red claw mark pattern. The arms have worn black armor with massive baggy oblong selves that attacked their self to each arm, but the shoulder pad was completely different. On the left was golden red crown shape shoulder pad while the right had crimson white feathers with a spiked pauldron. His hand worn clawed gauntlets that each clawed resembling scythe blades.

Rank: Emblem Heartless; the Seeker of Darkness.

Appearance: A light tan male with long silver-blonde hair that it reaches to his shoulder that had 2 spikes on the sides of his head and glowing amber-green eyes that almost too inhuman. He wore white pants with crimson thorn symbol and white silver-lined, with a crimson black leather coat that had white on the inside and lined with red, and also has a large crimson black section that covers the lower half and shoulders of the coat. The white section seems to be attached by several small pins around the hip and neck sections of the coat, as well as by a belt that wraps around his back and attaches to the rim of the coat. The high-collar of the coat completely unzips to show a second jacket that was shorter and had a pitch dark "X" strap below his chest. The other jacket is white and high-collared much like the outer coat and more buttoned to flare inward. He wore silver-black gloves on his hands that each had a grey band on the wrist, while the rest of the glove had 3 black buttons lining one side, bells outwards. Behind his back shoulders arms 2 black relatively small twisted wings that seem to be almost angel like.

Limit Break:

DARK RUSH: Summon his Heartless to do a high power rush attack from the sky.

Shock Slash: Shadow sends 7 discs of dark energy to the target.

Final limit break:

BLANK OBLIVION DESTROYER: Shadow leaps into the air and to summon seven white disks that fire whitish-black Azure energy beam.

CRIMSON DRAGOON SLASH: Summon a large symbol of a heartless Emblem that bock an attack and summon a more powerful form of Shadow, but move still incomplete.

Personality: Act superior to others and knew thing that other people do and quite well manner to talk to someone who meets his class. Can become easily frightened when something he never sees or knows about appears or know he is doom. Knowledge’s is quite amazing, even for a Heartless.

Bio: His background is quite mysterious since the only facts are his name and the type of Heartless he is making him harder to determine beside having a heart.

A/N: It been a few years now been on this site and I haven't been the focus on my these sites. Right now I feel that now is the time to start over again especially since I been to spend time reading multiple other fanfictions hear and been the think on trying to writing site again. In a few weeks I'll be making changes, but right now I will create a poll. These Poll well determine the fate of my first two stories. The poll will explain how the thing works; but for now, I will create some small stories and update my Profile. Thank you for reading and stick to me while I been on my hiatus.

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