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God I haven't updated this post in years or done anything to it, have I? Well, there isn't much to update here. For those who don't know, I'm a writer who's a huge fan of anime and anime-related works like Persona I do fanfics that are usually revolved around "What ifs" scenarios and the works. Presently, I'm in the middle of a Cat-Ra fanfic based off the remake of She-Ra 2018. For those of you interested in a fic that has enough viewership to garner it's own TvTropes page, look below to read on! And if you want to support the author in what he does, check up my newest page which can be found here (unless the stupid site messes up the link, "AGAIN" P_P).

I do my writings for free, but any form of support is appreciated, whether financially or simply telling a friend about my work I hope you guys continue to enjoy the work that has continued to gain viewers and favorites and is presently the top She-Ra fanfic on the web!

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