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first i want to said thank you for your time

second nice to meet you

My name Angelina or Kazuki (my nickname)

i started like watching animes / reading manga /watching tokusatsu or sentai ranger since i was 6 years old,got otaku habit b'cause my big brother lol...i really greatfull to my big bro introduce me anime,manga and game.

well,i can said if my world became so different since the first day i watch doraemon,kamen ride ichigo,kamen rider black.

sometime i do a cosplay with my family and my friends.also i love playing console game like PS2,PS1,Online / Offline PC game and many more...

i love reading fanfiction b'cause its became killing time when waiting new chapter,and ofcourse fanfiction fullfield my imagination

i really gratefull to all author in fanfiction.net whom give their time to write a fanfiction on this website

the couple i support are :

Naruto x kurenai ========NARUTO

Monkey D luffy x Boa Hancock ===== ONE PIECE

Aono Tsukune x Akasha Moka(inner) = ROSARIO VAMPIRE

Lelouch Vi Britania x C.C ========= CODE GEASS

Kirigaya Kazuto x Yuuki Asuna ===== SWORD ART ONLINE

Hyoudo Issei x Rias Gremory ====== HIGH SCHOOL DXD

Kusanagi Godou x Erika Brandely === CAMPIONE

Arita Haruyuki x Kuroyukihime ==== ACCEL WORLD

Bujushima Saeko x Komuro Takashi = HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEATH

Aoi Kazuya x Satelizer el Briget ==== FREEZING

Tada Banri x Kaga koko ========= GOLDEN TIME by Takemiya Yuyuko

Yukihira Souma x Nakiri Erina ==== SHOUKUGEKI NO SOUMA

and many more...

i hope so we can became a friend,and feel free to PM me

i would love to chat with all of you about anime,manga,tokusatsu or any kind topic

thank you and have nice day

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