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Hi there, Fanfiction world! I'm Artystic Musings, reason being is because I see inspiration in everything. I'm currently into anything and everything that deals with fantasy content, though I don't mind going from what's already been structured. I've always loved writing, though my artistic skills is by far something to check out.

I'm a people person, always have been so if I upload anything, don't ever be afraid to add in your reviews because I'm open to improvement. Though I'm in love with Literature of all sorts, I'd have to say that my vocabulary is enough for me to hold my own. I'm a Leo and proud of it and I'm into religion, but like I said I'm a people person, so I don't judge. I'm friendly, funny, quirky (we all are, so I'm not alone), tech inclined and I love to sing, dance, write songs and overall entertain.

If there's anything I love to do is listen to and learn other forms of Art and writing. I also am a huge fan of Sleepy Hollow, Rebel, Avatar, Class of the Titans, Storm Hawks, Undergrads (the animated series), True Jackson, VP, My Babysitter's A Vampire, Monster Buster Club, Totally Spies, Di-Gata Defenders… Let’s just say I’m a fan of fictional and off-script realities. I mean, what would life be without its little twists, turns, and of course what ifs.

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