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6 Morning Snow by GuileandGall Larksong Series: A spectacular moment of beauty leads to a tryst.
Elder Scroll series, M, English, Fantasy & Romance, words: 1k+, favs: 15, follows: 1, 8/6/2017, [Vilkas, Dragonborn/Dovahkiin]
16Neutrality » by Whiterun With the Empire and Stormcloaks taking advantage of the temporary treaty, Silver, the Dragonborn, flees from their aggressive acts to bring her on their side. In an attempt to temporarily hide, she offers Brynjolf riches in exchange for him accompanying her to the bottom of a Dwemer ruin in search of a Word. (Undergoing rewrite/analysis to improve and finish the story [Aug 2020].)
Elder Scroll series, M, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 18, words: 73k+, favs: 31, follows: 32, updated: 7/25/2017 published: 1/14/2016, Dragonborn/Dovahkiin, Brynjolf, Ulfric Stormcloak
150Skyrim-100 Topic Challenge » by Crystal Prime A collection of scenes from my Dovahkin's adventures in Skyrim. Come join me, as I explore bits and pieces of her life. All scenes are connected, even if they don't paint the full story as of yet. :)
Elder Scroll series, T, English, Adventure & Fantasy, chapters: 49, words: 59k+, favs: 9, follows: 10, updated: 7/17/2017 published: 3/29/2017, Vilkas, Ralof, Galmar Stone-Fist, Ulfric Stormcloak
120Power Play » by attimesiwrite As the Stormcloaks celebrate their Victory over the Empire and prepare for the oncoming Thalmor assault, the Dragonborn confronts Jarl Ulfric with an indecent demand. This demand unravels a whole series of events and with time, the people involved. Ulfric/F!DB (Kink Meme fill continuation)
Elder Scroll series, M, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 17, words: 172k+, favs: 155, follows: 201, updated: 7/5/2017 published: 1/28/2014, [Dragonborn/Dovahkiin, Ulfric Stormcloak]
19 The Sweet Werewolf » by ScarletRedfox Farkas has been known to be a bit of a 'icebrain' and a little slow when it came to the problems of the world and the political side of the war raging on. His brother was the tough bookworm and Farkas was the headstrong warrior rushing straight into battle without a plan. She used to have a something of a soft spot for Farkas, but with the revelation of...Full summary inside!
Elder Scroll series, T, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 2, words: 9k+, favs: 26, follows: 9, updated: 7/3/2017 published: 6/26/2017, [Vilkas, Dragonborn/Dovahkiin]
Swept » by Crangery Faelyn's plan for a peaceful fresh start in Skyrim comes to a grinding halt when a chance encounter with a grinning redhead leads her to a new, unexpected path full of adventure and a newly discovered, beautiful, dysfunctional group whom she calls family. Takes place after main questline - Brynjolf is guild leader. {Rated M for upcoming mature subject matter} {WIP}
Elder Scroll series, M, English, Adventure & Family, chapters: 2, words: 2k+, favs: 2, follows: 2, updated: 6/21/2017 published: 6/18/2017, Brynjolf, Vex
7 Unreaching by The Cat's Paw Vilkas and Farkas arrive in Rorikstead after finishing up in the Reach, and run into a familiar... ahem... face. Sequel to Reach Me. Rated M for suggestiveness.
Elder Scroll series, M, English, words: 1k+, favs: 5, follows: 3, 6/10/2017, Dragonborn/Dovahkiin, Farkas, Vilkas, Erik the Slayer
14A Fine Joke » by The Eternal Guest Vex sends Brynjolf on a simple burglary job, but no matter what it seems, theft is never a Breeze. Even if the home in question has been empty for five years. F!Dragonborn/Brynjolf.
Elder Scroll series, K+, English, Romance & Humor, chapters: 5, words: 9k+, favs: 12, follows: 6, updated: 6/2/2017 published: 8/5/2015, Dragonborn/Dovahkiin, Brynjolf
9 An Assassin's Changes » by ScribbleWiggy Hainin Marshal, Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, is completely content with his way of life. When vampires and vampire hunters alike try to impose on that way of life, however, Hainin must go on a quest to try and return things to normal, all the while discovering things about himself that he did not know before his journey began.
Elder Scroll series, T, English, Adventure, chapters: 24, words: 91k+, favs: 10, follows: 9, updated: 5/24/2017 published: 2/12/2017, Nazir, Serana, OC
4Cursed by AvidAuthor There was something new and cruel snarling within her. Something dangerous. Elin cannot help but wonder who would kill her first; the beast inside or those who pledged to destroy it. Contains gore.
Elder Scroll series, T, English, Romance & Angst, words: 303, favs: 1, follows: 5, 4/25/2017, Farkas, Vilkas, Sinding, OC
6Playing Happy Families by foxfire79 All the familial interactions of my Dragonborn Radha, including adoptions, marriages, house buying etc. They don't really go into what goes into adopting a child, so what if they have some shady family members that need to be dealt with first? What if they're made to sleep out with the horses (Blaise, anyone?) And what if your husband doesn't realise you even have kids? It happens!
Elder Scroll series, T, English, Humor & Family, words: 6k+, favs: 11, follows: 17, 4/14/2017, Dragonborn/Dovahkiin, Vilkas, Lucia, Blaise
13 Rift » by Melvanas When Dani wakes up in Skyrim - a place she only ever knew from a video game - she must learn to survive while facing her destiny. But all is not what it seems, and she learns she is capable of far more than she ever dreamed, especially with a certain thief in her heart. Follows Thieves Guild and main quest lines.
Elder Scroll series, M, English, Adventure & Drama, chapters: 15, words: 118k+, favs: 54, follows: 23, updated: 3/22/2017 published: 3/19/2017, Dragonborn/Dovahkiin, Brynjolf
25Mere Moments » by Herenya902 A collection of very short one shots set in the Skyrim universe.
Elder Scroll series, T, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 20, words: 10k+, favs: 10, follows: 11, updated: 3/20/2017 published: 1/2/2017, Vilkas, Brynjolf, Ulfric Stormcloak
22A thief of virtue » by ambrosinos After a chance encounter with an alluring thief, Vilkas can't get her out of his mind, although he'll have competition.
Elder Scroll series, K+, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 6, words: 6k+, favs: 12, follows: 24, updated: 3/14/2017 published: 1/19/2016, Dragonborn/Dovahkiin, Vilkas, Brynjolf
66 A Harbinger's Trials » by ScribbleWiggy Finally the time has come to bring the fight to the Daedric Prince Hircine and his wolf followers. Cry Silverworthy has been standing beside Kodlak Whitemane is this battle, but how long will she stand beside him when the lives of her Companions are threatened by the Daedric Prince himself?
Elder Scroll series, K+, English, Adventure & Suspense, chapters: 21, words: 55k+, favs: 6, follows: 7, updated: 1/15/2017 published: 2/23/2014, Hircine, Dragonborn/Dovahkiin, Vilkas, OC
88Stepping Into the Sunlight » by Burning.Mirrors Some things you could never plan for; and in Vilkas's case, it was how one person could change his life in so many ways. But most of all, it was how that one person could guide him out of the darkness shrouding his soul and into the sun. Vilkas/ImperialF!Dragonborn
Elder Scroll series, M, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 14, words: 64k+, favs: 73, follows: 98, updated: 1/6/2017 published: 6/8/2012, [Dragonborn/Dovahkiin, Vilkas]
5The Wind's of Winter by ElisaMalfoy The Dragonborn has lost most of her memory as a consequence of Hermaeus Mora's influence after her victory in Sovngarde. She has spent the last two years recovering physically and mentally in the seclusion and tranquility of High Hrothgar, however as her recovery reaches an end and she returns home to the life she had forgotten, she must deal with the aftermath of her absence.
Elder Scroll series, M, English, Romance & Drama, words: 1k+, favs: 5, follows: 12, 12/19/2016, Dragonborn/Dovahkiin, Vilkas
9 The Right Brother by JacksDirtySecret Lilah contemplates why life requires making so many choices and sacrifices.
Elder Scroll series, T, English, words: 3k+, favs: 3, follows: 1, 12/17/2016, Farkas, Vilkas
46 What Binds Us » by Shadow182 Vilkas and the Dragonborn set out on a mission to avenge Kodlak's death. But having been at odds since the day they met and emotions already running high, it's not long before their companionship is pushed to breaking point and the truth of their natures revealed. ("To Break a Curse" prequel. DragonbornxVilkas, rated for adult themes, violence, minor gore, sexual themes. NSFW)
Elder Scroll series, M, English, Drama & Romance, chapters: 4, words: 35k+, favs: 88, follows: 42, updated: 12/7/2016 published: 11/25/2016, Dragonborn/Dovahkiin, Vilkas
5 A Very Thieves Guild Christmas by systrami The Thieves Guild doesn't exactly have a reputation for gift-giving, but during Saturalia, Vipir will make an exception for his favorite guildmember. Oneshot.
Elder Scroll series, T, English, Humor & Romance, words: 1k+, favs: 8, follows: 2, 12/6/2016, Dragonborn/Dovahkiin, Vipir the Fleet
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