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IMPORTANT: So since I am never here to update this on an orderly basis, I suppose I should just wrap things up so I can have this on here for always... Getting to the point, life is always intervening with my hobbies (so far nothing new), and because of that I am now going through harsh times (nothing drastic, no). In the case that you come to read this message, I hope that this is as vague and precise as I can get (who knows when I will update this again).

ALSO IMPORTANT: I just recently found out that my restriction fluctuates when Daylight Saving Time starts and ends... so either way, its a fact that I would have up until 9 or 10 depending on what it actually is... Its far too complicated for me to even comprehend it, so I'm just gonna leave it be as is.

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Yo! Awesome (to finally put this up), aha... Well, now that I am here, I shall tell you some things... in fact, let us do this the list way!

So here we go!

1. I hate eggplant

2. I hate brussel sprouts even more... I would put asparagus but it's been too long since I have last eaten it...

3. I am insane

4. I have vowed to kill people who get on my nerves (unintentionally)

5. I like to consider myself as a psychopath

6. I am a BL lover (though my offer kinda dwindled after the last one I created...)

7. I accept any kind of problem with a kiss and a hug

8. I receive a headache after I solve a problem (likely something to do with math)

9. I am sentimental... though I rather see myself as one of those rambunctious characters that KHR are known for...

10. Wow... I reached number 10... DOUBLE DIGITS! WOOH!!!

11. The previous point explains that I am happy with even the slightest things... did that even make sense?

12. Anime and Manga are both awesome! So don't even think about crossing me on that line, in fact I don't take well to criticism...

13. I am a Pisces and a Rat

14. Hell yeah! I am a smart ass!

15. I love cakes and cookies and all those yummy yummy cheesecakes and other delicaces... oh! You can't forget the Indian sweets! (LOVE THOSE!!!)

16. I HATE SHAKESPEARE! Call me a lunatic, but I hate him with every ounce of my being

17. Winnie the Pooh is awesome! You can't say no to that!

18. Mother Goose Rhymes are... what's the word? Crazy? No... Insane, that's it! They are insanely depressing!

19. I have also graduated from a Mother Goose Nursery if you wanted to know that... no? Okay

20. My last and final point... I have nothing else to add... ( = 3=)

Poll statistics: (finished polls)


Who should take Decimo's place? (Cielo Fiamma)

Tsuna: 90

Tonari: 26

Total votes: 116

Who would be more compatible as Giotto's sibling?

Kozato Enma: 31

Byakuran: 20

Dokuro Chrome: 12

Yamamoto Takeshi: 9

Hibari Kyoya: 10

Bovino Lambo: 7

Sasagawa Ryohei: 2

Gokudera Hayato: 3

Rokudo Mukuro: 2

Dino: 70

Total votes: 100

Should Tsuna, in the Future Arc, be an Arcobaleno? (Orange Flower)

Yes: 87

No: 18

Total votes: 105

Who would be more compatible as G's sibling?

Kozato Enma: 60

Sawada Tsunayoshi: 44

Bovino Lambo: 36

Byakuran: 24

Hibari Kyoya: 20

Rokudo Mukuro: 15

Yamamoto Takeshi: 33

Sasagawa Ryohei: 35

Dokuro Chrome: 25

Total votes: 102

Who would be more compatible as Asari's sibling?

Sawada Tsunayoshi: 53

Gokudera Hayato: 19

Bovino Lambo: 32

Byakuran: 26

Hibari Kyoya: 42

Rokudo Mukuro: 24

Dokuro Chrome: 45

Sasagawa Ryohei: 26

Total votes: 100

Would you grant Nana's wish of having another child? (Orange Flower)

Yes: 15

No: 35

Total votes: 50

Who would be more compatible as Knuckles' sibling? (99 more votes left)


Gokudera Hayato:

Yamamoto Takeshi:

Hibari Kyoya:

Rokudo Mukuro:

Dokuro Chrome:

Bovino Lambo:

Total votes:


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Plot Bunny Galore! (This little section is to place ideas on here, via Plot Bunnies! Some of them would be advanced to the next step: publishing, while others will just stay here until... I don't know. Please PM if you have any questions, thank you! (:P))

Idea #1: The Arcobaleno, otherwise known as the Seven Powerhouses of Vongola, get married and have kids. Chaotic chaos ensues the life of the whole Vongola when these kids start to get a hang of their surroundings. Tsuna can only hope that nothing major is destroyed. [OC(x12), Drama, Humor, Adventure, Family, Slice of Life] (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Idea #2: An OC is reincarnated, brought into the KHR world, and finds out that their parents are the Decimo of the Cavallone, and the Strongest Guardian of Vongola. How will they cope, and not mess up, while living out their life as an offspring of Dino Chiavrone and Kyoya Hibari, now known as Kyoya Chivarone. [OC(x1), Drama, Humor, Adventure, Family, Slice of Life, Romance(?)] (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Idea #3 In another parallel universe, where the First Generation of Vongola are at the beginning of their lives, before they even meet each other, they have siblings to accompany their journey down the path of being a Vigilante group. They, the Generation of Primo, do not know that their siblings are guarding a secret, far greater than they could have imagined, dragging along both Shimon Primo and a certain marshmallow-loving being's ancestor. Follow their journey, as they fight for what they love and fall by Cupid's arrow. [1stX10th!GenderBent, AU, Drama, Humor, Family, Mystery, Adventure, Romance, Slice of Life] (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Idea #4 Nanase, Haruka, a confectionery baker, has the skills to make any kind of pastry that is in demand. He loves his job, loves the pastries he bakes, and to top it all off he loves the seaside he works by. He thinks that he is complete, that is until an elite basketball player, Murisakibara, Atsushi, enters the very store he works in. Haru's world starts to spin and he starts doubting if his world is complete as he thought it was. [Murase, Slash, AU, Drama, Humor, Romance, Slice of Life] (Kuroko no Basuke X Free!)

Idea #5: Kuroko, Tetsuya, the Sixth Man in Teikou's basketball club, isn't at all of what he seems to be. He isn't the transparent person that the Generation of Miracles are familiar with, or the 'Golden Egg' that Seiren's basketball club's seniors have dubbed the Teikou graduates. In fact, no one knows the actual Kuroko, Tetsuya, not until his younger twin siblings, younger by a day, come and live with him in Japan. Just who is Kuroko, Tetsuya? [OC(x4), Drama, Humor, Adventure, Family, Mystery, Slice of Life, Romance(?), Action(?)] (Kuroko no Basuke)

Idea #6: When the Kozato family had been eradicated, Enma wasn't the only one who had been able to survive it, his younger brother, Yato, had also survived. Yato, however, has known far more secrets than his older brother, and despite all that, he has kept his innocent fa├žade while probing at the secrets that surrounded his family's massacre. [OC(x1), AU, Drama, Slight-Humor, Family, Mystery, Adventure, Slice of Life] (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Idea #7: Cannon wasn't the kind of guy who would get into some kind of trouble that was impossible for him to get out of. At least that is what he always had believed in, being the 'good guy' and all. So why was he now facing deep trouble now? Ah yes, it was because of some marshmallow crazed albino freak that had gotten him this far... all because he had accidently stepped on a marshmallow. [OC(x1), AU, Byanon, Slash, Drama, Humor, Slice of Life, Romance-ish, Action (?)] (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Idea #8: Rules were made to be either broken or followed, but if you worked for the Millefore Corporation the rules there were to be strictly followed. But there is one rule that is to be followed at all costs, even in the most dire life or death situation. Cannon, a newly hired employee, is unfortunate to have broken that one rule out of everything else. Just how will he cope? [OC(x1), AU, Byanon, Slash, Slight-Humor, Slice of Life, Romance-ish, Drama] (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Idea #9: The majority of the world believes in the 'Red String of Fate', so much that it has conjured up a persona for the term. A boy by the name of Cannon. He knows that he isn't normal, with how he brings people together. But he yearns for the one thing that he believes he cannot have, love. "You can't just be tied randomly to a person, it depends on your destiny, the 'Red String of Fate' would always be tied to two people, even if they are countries or cities apart. Even the god of the sea, Poseidon, can't come in between True Love." Deity!Cannon [OC(x3), Slight-AU, Humor, Adventure, Slice of Life, Romance, Drama, Slight-SI, Family, Slash/Non-Slash, Slight-Angst, Slight-Suspense(?)] (Katekyo Hitman Reborn! x and other worlds)

Idea #10: Tsuna knew it was a bad idea to head to Ikebukuro. Heck, if it had anything to do with moving away from Namimori, it was guaranteed that it was a definite recipe for disaster! And to top it all off, he had some unknown godfather from his mother's side! "I am Orihara, Izaya, your godfather, nice to meet you Tsunayoshi-kun" Godfather!Izaya [AU, Humor, Slice of Life, Adventure, Family, Drama] (Katekyo Hitman Reborn! x Durarara!!)

Idea #11: They said that he had good perception, and that he could be unpredictable at moments. But in reality, Hibari, Kyoya is in fact a fortune teller. His heritage comes from his mother's side of the family, where they, supposedly, had strong psychic powers. His powers had awakened at the age of six, and from there he had learned how to harness it. FortuneTeller!18 [OC(x2), AU, Slice of Life, Humor, Slight-Drama, Romance(?)] (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Idea #12: Mai didn't want to around SPR any longer, not after a turn down realization. So she gathered her wits and left for Namimori to finish her studies as Nana. Years later, she found love with an Italian man, and now she finds herself happy with her small family. Fifteen years later, she finds herself opening the front door to none other than the SPR gang. "Well... I wasn't expecting you to find out." Nana!Mai-centric, Slight-Evil!Nana!Mai [Humor, Slice of Life, Adventure, Family, Drama, Slight-Angst(?), Slight-AU(?), Slash(?)] (Katekyo Hitman Reborn! x Ghost Hunt)

Idea #13: As per usual, life is rather normal. As per usual, nothing abnormal happens. As per usual, everything comes crashing down without notice. Elena Mayors, a 21 year old, closet fujoshi otaku, is in for the experience when her rather blunt, nonchalant, life takes a turn for the... worst? Her inner fujoshi doesn't think so at all, nor her otaku. OC-centric, OC!no-pairs [OC(x4?), Humor, Slice of Life, Adventure, Family, Drama, Slash/Non-Slash, Comedy] (Anime Xovers)

Idea #14: Follow TYL Cannon when he returns back to the past whenever his younger self gets hit with the Ten Year Bazooka. "It's not my fault that I have been switched with my ten year prior self at the most inconvenient of times." [OC(x?), Drama, Humor, Slice of Life, Family, Slash-Fluff] (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Idea #15: The Onodera family is known through their succession of handing their publishing company down in the family. Onodera, Ritsu, as the oldest was well aware of this fact, but life had different plans for him. However, he isn't the only child in the Onodera household. Onodera, Kotaru, the youngest twin to Ritsu, had moved out of the house to attend to a school in a different prefecture. Kotaru's fate beings to twine with those around him as he makes himself known. [OC(x1), Slice of Life, Slash, Humor, Drama, Slight-Family] (Sekachii Hatsuoki x with all the yaoi manga I could think of)

Idea #16: Sawada, Iemitsu, the Vongola's Advisor, has a sibling. One that is his own flesh and blood. One that he can confide in, sharing all the joys and miseries in the world. The difference in their standings is that Iemitsu is in the Underground, while his brother a political power. OC-centric. [OC(x2?), Slice of Life, Humor, Family, Drama, Adventure, Comedy] (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Idea #17: At the end of the Arcobaleno Arc, the Vindice were now in charge of keeping the containers that now hold the course. Everything is peaceful, until they, the Vindice, notice that the containers are going through a change. It was a much later date when the contained flames begin to form themselves into human shapes. [OC(x7), Slice of Life, Drama, Adventure, Family, Comedy] (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Idea #18: Jonathon Thompson is a nerd. A nerd, in the sense of travelling major distances to find a new species of a plant. Which he does, but ends up rather... tiny, for a better word. Now he's stuck with a heavy pink stone to his chest, and tries his very best in avoiding a checkered man, who's after his skin and the strangely shaped pacifier around his neck. His research doesn't stop though. Arcobaleno!OC [OC(x1), Slice of Life, Humor, Adventure, Drama, Comedy, Slight-Family, Slash(?)] (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Positions available for Constellations:

The current Astrale Famiglia generation: (The age here is usually 30-40, maybe even in the 50s, honestly they are the current people who are in the Mafia, and you don't stay young, exceptions would be made, but you have to give a reason why)

Aries: Allirea (F) - LioPyro7890


Gemini: Alex Marks (M) - LioPyro7890 (second in command)

Cancer: Noelle Blanc (F) - Xx-Aotsuki-xX

Leo: (current leader is deceased, Ophiuchus takes next in line)



Scorpio: Alastair Grey (M) - Mari Clair Roemajji Celts

Ophiuchus: Nimuel Makisig Sagadraca (M) - Mari Clair Roemajji Celts (Boss)

Sagittarius: Eve (F) - JackFrost14



Pisces: Elizabeth Grey (F) - Mari Clair Roemajji Celts

The heirs to the Astrale Famiglia (next generation):

Aries: Vincent Vartevanian (M) - Skyea

Taurus: Homey (M) - Natsumo

Gemini: Kimiko (F) - LioPyro7890

Cancer: Nathan Laurenfrost (M) - Kurokagehime

Leo: Albert/Ethan Tetsuya (M) - 27tunafiamma72

Virgo: Adrien Chevalier (M) - chrihstie

Libra: Cecilia Nguyen (F) - chrihstie

Scorpio: Fiore Moretti (F) - Xx-Aotsuki-xX

Ophiuchus: Rena Black (F) - Kuroi Rin

Sagittarius: Aodh Argall (M) - LioPyro7890

Capricorn: Alyssandra Tang (F) - Aliathe

Aquarius: Crystal Lin (F) - TransparentAnswer

Pisces: Kazuto Minamoto (M) - Kuroi Rin

The Circle of Thirteen (Cerchio di Tredici): (These are hitmen and hitwomen who are a personal arsenal to the Astrale Famiglia, they are much like the Arcobaleno, only that they are lower in status (can't have two sets of Arcobalenos), of course they have their infamy as their trademark hitman/woman)

Aries: Fai Koi (M) - Mari Clair Roemajji Celts

Taurus: Melicent Adler (F) - Mari Clair Roemajji Celts

Gemini: Ryan (M) - JackFrost14

Cancer: Gale (M) - Kuroi Rin

Leo: Liam Rayne (M) - SoldLotus

Virgo: Luzviminda Tala Salonga (F) - Mari Clair Roemajji Celts

Libra: G.R.I.N.N. (F) - Idees


Ophiuchus: Ryuzaki (M) - Kurokagehime (for the heck of it, here is the battle theme song: Rush! Into the Night Battle! Remixed by Hellion Sounds)

Sagittarius: Avalon Snow (F) - Xx-Aotsuki-xX

Capricorn: Meinrad Fuchs (M) - Idees

Aquarius: Lucas (M) - 27tunafiamma72


Ah, I suppose that's for that... So I'll give you the Twitter I have created for my (not so famous) story: Cielo Fiamma. Just click this face -- ( o 3o)

Here is the list on twitter where you can post suggestions, I command you to have fun with your imaginations when posting here-- ( 6 -6)

I'm so awesome, aren't I? No? Oh... okay... well, the main things for the page is to give you guys notifications on the story, and maybe you guys (if you also have a twitter account) could give pointers and suggestions from there I can maybe incorporate your ideas into the story. How does that sound? Swell? Awesome! Well until the next time I bring up something (and trying to update the page) I will be behind the scenes of insanity, ciao

Oh and I love this strikethrough...


Facebook: Fiamma Chan - life statuses and fanfiction statuses, look for news here.

DeviantART: Fiamma-chan - art-sy stuff here (but really I have no idea what woulInstad go in here... maybe your beautiful art?)!

Tumblr: fiammachan - I may post up short stories here, so it wouldn't be left out.

FictionPress: Tuna-san - For stories that (obviously) have no fandoms, so my plain creations! :D (currently blank)

Instagram: sacchan_27 - A place where you can take a sneak peek into my (not so) daily life. ;)

Gmail: fiammachan@ - I decided that I would add this bit after a whole bunch of debating... Just be sure to place 'Fanfiction' in the subject so I wouldn't get so confused... ~. ~

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