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Names Killian. I've always loved reading stories and sometimes I like to write as well. I'm currently thinking of a story for Young Justice. It's call Young Justice: Rise of the Silver Scarab. I haven't written yet, but it'll be a take on what season 3 would have been. It tells the story of a girl named Katie Roberts who stumbles upon the silver scarab, and it fuses to her spine. Soon after she takes on the role of the Silver Scarab. Also, she comes from New York City, so she starts to fight crime there and her crusades are noticed by the Justice League and their protégés. So, in short, they set out to recruit her, but she doesn't want to join. So that's all I can say, but I promise it'll be amazing.

Here's the stories I've written so far. They're a work in progress. Also, I'm making some character profiles. Hope you enjoy them.

Young Justice: Rise of the Silver Scarab- Chapter 1: The New Hero- Finished

Chapter 2: The Mission- Finished

Chapter 3- A Chilly Reception- Finished

Chapter 4- Clash of the Scarabs- Finished

Chapter 5- Trying To Get to Know You- Finished

Chapter 6- Old Friends Reunite- Finished

Chapter 7- Training- Finished

Chapter 8- Foul Weather Ahead- Finished

Chapter 9- Alpha Squad vs. Cheshire- Finished

Chapter 10- A Sister's Promise- Finished

Chapter 11- Trust and Doubts- Finished

Chapter 12- Decisions, Decisions- Finished

Chapter 13- Team Bonding Time

Red Spark- Chapter 1- Finished

Chapter 2- Finished

Stories in Progress

Criminal Minds and Blue Bloods Crossover: The Cold Wave- When a serial killer strikes New York and leaves a 12-year-old girl as a witness, the NYPD and the BAU must team up to protect her and catch the killer before it's too late. Chapter 1 finished. Chapter 2 finished.

Character Profile:

Name: Taylor Sanchez

Age: 15

Hero Name: Blizzard Girl

Powers: The ability to create ice, ice shape objects, snowstorms, and an expert in hand-to-hand combat like Black Canary

Costume: Blue long-sleeved shirt, blue skirt, blue cape with blue boots, and a blue domino mask.

Hair: Black with blue highlights

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